Saturday, June 26, 2010


Welcome to London! The first thing to do was to check in at Malaysia Hall. The building is situated in Queensborough Terrace, right in front of Kensington Garden. This place actually only accommodates Malaysian students, especially those who are in transit. However, if you are lucky, if there are vacancies, then you are allowed to stay there for not more than 2 nights, even just by walking in. If you are interested, then you have to do online booking by e-mailing to the Hall 3 months in advance.

seeing a Malaysia flag in a foreign land made me a bit patriotic

the waiting area

the reception

my room - 408

The rate is really cheap. For a single room, I just had to pay GBP17 per night. But please do not expect special treatment, this is not a hotel. For one good thing, Malaysia Hall is strategically located in Bayswater area. You can find many halal restaurants and souvenir shops around. It is also very near to two tube stations: Queensway and Bayswater. So you should not be asking for more.

a view from the window

Just for sleeping, this was just a perfect place for me. I had spooky encounters though, but it could just be my imagination due to my inability to sleep soundly, or I got too carried away reading the vampire novel at that time. *sigh*