Saturday, September 23, 2017


22nd SEPTEMBER 2017 ~ "Kingsman" is back. This time they are fighting the evil power hand-in-hand with their American counterpart. I always like Kingsman to be only English though. As usual, there were a lot of fighting, shooting, objects exploding and swearing throughout. The first movie should be more humorous as the lead actor was still a spy newbie so he was more comical at that time.

ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: still entertaining, but not as funny as the first one.

LEVEL OF VIOLENCE: moderate. The gory scenes were when they put two people in a meat grinder and in the first scene, the human meat came out of the machine was made a burger patty which one of the characters had to eat it. That's all.

LEVEL OF VULGARITY: just people swearing with a lot of F words throughout. No extreme or obvious steamy sex scenes or vulgar dialogues, unless these parts have been censored already.

OTHER INTERESTING THINGS?: The main lead got married to the princess he saved from the first movie [PREDICTION: in the next sequel, the wife would be kidnapped]. There was Elton John who was strong and could defeat someone younger than him. I don't understand why do they need a comic relief in the plot. Halle Berry also acted in the film. [PREDICTION: be prepared to see more of her in the next sequel, if there is any.]

MORAL VALUES: (1) Manners maketh man (2) Drugs kill.

If you are still thinking of which movie you should watch, this should the one as the rest would be like horror movies with a horrible clown or doll.

Friday, September 22, 2017


29th SEPTEMBER 2017 ~ The green dome of Manila Cathedral could be easily seen from afar and we decided to stop by to see what was inside. The cathedral is located at the centre of Intramuros. 80% of the population in the country is are Christians and that should explain all the big churches around the city. There are also big chapels in shopping malls we went to.

This was a huge building that could accommodate many people at one time. There were some people inside, most probably meditating or enjoying the echoing silence in the hall.

Thursday, September 21, 2017


29th SEPTEMBER 2017 ~ Intramuros is a Spanish word which means "within the wall". This is like the old city of Manila where you could see the remnants of the Spanish colonization.

What we basically did was just to walk and observed the old buildings and their very European style of architecture. It was like walking in Jonker Street in Melaka, actually.

St. Agustin Church, the UNESCO heritage site
we didn't know if it is opened to public or not

The streets were quite narrow so people could just walk around. We managed to stop at a few places when we were walking from Fort Santiago to the Museum.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


ALMA MATER ~ the school, college, university where you studied. [Longman Online Dictionary]

B Block

I was at SMK Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru, this afternoon for an official visit. I received my lower secondary education here from 1982-1984, before moving to a boarding school in form 4.

The Hall in yellow
The school sure has changed a lot. Old buildings were already demolished and replaced with new blocks. 

A Block

I admire all the teachers who had taught me in this school - they were inspirational and really missed them and their classes they conducted when I was at the new school.

SMK Sultan Ismail (known as SSI) is now a cluster school for excellence in the district and has established a high reputation for producing students with good results in public examinations.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


 We the English teachers of TeamJB met again today for another professional slot at SK Angkatan Tentera, Johor Bahru. We had not been in school for 4 days last week and there would be more similar gatherings like this soon. 

We have been working hard but that does that not mean we don't have the time to party. So we decided to celebrate the birthday of one of the group members, Puan Ainidah Abu Bakar, once the session was over.

There was actually another birthday celebration too last week for Puan Rashida Ali, at a different venue.

As the saying goes: all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. I am still staying with the group for the fourth year as these are the fun people to be with. And looking forward to more parties coming our way.