Saturday, June 23, 2018

THE 9th DAY OF EID 1439H

Today I went visiting for the second time for this year's Eid. I was invited to an Open House by Tuan Haji Abd. Rahman Ngah and Ustazah Raja Ainurraziyah Raja Omar at their home in Taman Nusa Idaman. This was just the right time to go out as there were two wedding receptions to attend right after.

I managed two see two of their kids (out of four)  who are my ex-students of SMK Taman Universiti - Nurul Izyana (SPM 2019) and Izzuddin (SPM 2012) .

Puan Hamidah Mokhtar,
an ex-colleague of SMKTUN

Another ex-student, who happened to be
the neighbour, Mr. Azfar (SPM2010)
I was happy as I got my traditional Malay dishes, finally after 9 days of Eid - "Burasak" and "Laksa Johor". I should have taken the photos of the food, but it was already too late once I realized about it.

Friday, June 22, 2018

THE 8th DAY OF EID 1439H

Today should be the start of the second week of Eid celebration and the visiting routine must go on. A group of ex-students from SMKTUN SPM batch 2012 were here, accompanied by a mother of one of the girls who happened to be an ex-colleague, Puan Yusidah Yusof.

With the loud and continuous chattering and laughter throughout, it was just like yesterday once more.

The last visitors of the day was Mr. Huzaifah Abd. Rahim [SMKTUN alumni SPM batch 2009] with his wife. He used to come with his classmates before this but then time sure has changed, and by next year, there will be one more new member of the group.

NOTE TO SELF: One more day before school reopens. Where is my plastic bag containing the students' exam paper?

Thursday, June 21, 2018

THE 7th DAY OF EID 1439H

The visiting routine for Eid continued on the 7th day today. The first group of visitors were Puan Noraliza Mazni and her family members, a friend/an ex-colleague of SMK Taman Universiti. Her husband and kids were no strangers to me but I wonder whether they would still be paying me a house visit after this as her transfer to Selangor had already been approved. In fact, she already knew the school where she would start her duty after the school break.

handing over the parting gift

It was indeed sad to let a good friend go but life is always like that. Just hope we will still be in touch with each other after this.

The second group of people of people who arrived after that were SMKTUN's alumni SPM batch 2012. They used to come in bigger group before but it was not easy to get everyone to be here at the same time. A few had already gone back to college after the Eid break.

The last group of visitors who arrived later in the evening were the alumni of SMKTUN SPM batch 2006. These ex-students were here with their spouses and kids and were regular visitors to my house - since they were still in school.

Two more days before school reopens. 

NOTE TO SELF: I need to finish marking the exam paper *YAWN*.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

THE 6th DAY OF EID 1439H

Mr. Hamzah Hamdan [SMKTUN alumni SPM batch 2006] was visiting for Eid this afternoon. I could not remember the last time we saw each other. It could be that time when we went to watch this movie in a beanie cinema, where people had to sit/lie down on beanie bags. I was glad that he still came without being accompanied by anyone else as some people refuse to do house visit if there is no one tagging along. Consequently, the chatting time was more focused and could be maximized to the fullest.

NEXT PLAN: movie/outing session.

Monday, June 18, 2018

THE 4th DAY OF EID 1439H

An ex-schoolmate of SMS Muar, Mr. Mohd. Razib Noordin, was here with his family for the "Raya" visit. I could not remember the last time he came with the wife and kids during Eid. He is on his holiday but will be heading back to Doha real soon.

Then, another group of visitors which was my cousin's family, all the way from Kulim, Kedah, were here without any prior notification. It was a kind of pleasant surprise to get to see relatives who are staying at a faraway place once in a while.

Finally, I did my first Raya visit today. I went to see an ex-coursemate of UPM TESL class of 1993 at her house in Taman Sri Amar, which was just near my place quite late in the evening. Puan Suhana Abdul Jamal was here to celebrate Eid with her mom as she now resides in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

The fourth day of Eid went well so far. There are still like 26 more days to go.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


On the third day of Eid, I attended the wedding reception of Dr. Azaty Hamzah (SMKTUN's alumni SPM batch 2004) and Mr. Azuan. The reception was held at Taman Universiti Sports Complex.

I did not actually teach Azaty but she was in the school's chess team in form 2 and form 3, before leaving for a boarding school in form 4. She is now attached to Sultan Ibrahim Hospital, Kulai.

the bride's classmates

Dr. Azzad, the brother of the bride

Congratulations Dr. Azaty and Mr. Azuan. May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


The regular visitors, Dr. Hayati Ismail and family members, were here for the Eid visit again. The kids have already grown older and bigger, and I was glad to see them develop into fine young men and one sweet little lady. The parents sure have fed them well. :)

Dr. Hayati, an ex-coursemate of UPM TESL class of 1993, is now attached with USIM (Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia), and no longer with PADU.

Hope to see them again for many more Eid to come.