Wednesday, September 30, 2015


9th JUNE 2015 ~ If you are in Jeju, you have to be ready to be connected to nature. Most of the tourist spots that we went to would have something to do with sightseeing. At least, hiking and climbing were not required here at the beach.

There were not many people around and there were no bikini babes too so we made our move to the next spot right after.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


9th JUNE 2015 ~ On the third day of our stay in Jeju Island, it was time to explore the place with the help of our tourist guide cum my ex-student, Miss Sakinah Omar who drove us around in a rented car. I don't actually know the exact name of this first place we went to. Since there were yachts stalled there, I think it should be Gimyeong Yacht Marina (or Harbour perhaps). It was a cloudy morning and I believed that the view would be more spectacular under a bright and blue sky.

there could be dolphins here

After the marina, it was time to see the beach.

Monday, September 28, 2015


Guess what is the movie about? *sigh*

It is the story of the tragic event that happened in 1996 on Everest which had caused a lot of fatalities and injuries. There was a very bad blizzard when people went hiking up (or down) the mountain. Some people managed to returned back to the camp safely, some died in their expedition. However, one lucky soul whom people thought had died, could actually woke up from his unconsciousness and severe damage already done to his body parts, and walked all the way back to base camp and survived the ordeal.

A must-watch for mountaineers out there. Hope you will be more motivated after watching this film. *sigh*

Sunday, September 27, 2015


We were told by our guide, Miss Sakinah Omar, that another halal food that we could try in Jeju was bab (rice) burger. It looked like a burger, except the buns were replaced by rice that was formed in the shape of buns. While, the patty inside would be variety of  filling. As for us, we chose, squid in meshed chilies. So for Muslim travelers, you definitely have to choose the right filling to go with your rice, which should be something definitely from the seafood family.

The squid actually tasted so much like our local "sambal sotong" so I had somehow enjoyed my dinner. I guess if you are having a Korean as a guest at home, he/she will have no problem eating any dish with meshed chilies.

I also bought the seafood  triangle rice cake, known as Onigiri in Japan, but I did not know what it is called in Korea.

Friday, September 25, 2015


8th JUNE 2015 ~ It was raining but the trip must go on. So we were there, the last stop of the western bus trip of Yeha Bus Tour. Another climbing up the hill and going down valley on a very slippery trek. People had to use either their umbrella or raincoats (and a poncho for me).

We were finally there, looking at rather a small waterfall cascading down. The time spent walking there was longer than the time spent observing though. 

With the rain, we could not stay long so we had to walk back to our bus.

That wrapped up our day's trip on the second day at Jeju Island. A very convenient way to travel indeed, and you will not have to worry of getting a personal tour guide from any travel agency if you plan to explore the island on your own. There is another eastern route which would take another one whole day if you intend to go to all the attractions on the island.