Monday, October 31, 2011


Three ex-students from SPM batch 2010 who are on their semester breaks came to school. It could be either they missed school or me so much. Or they just did not have anything to do and wanted to spend their leisure time.

Unfortunately, it was not a good time and we could not chit-chat for long. This called for another gathering soon but thanks a lot to Hanif, Faiz Azizi and Amiruddin for the short visit. We will hang out longer later, alright?

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Many people think that ping pong originated from China, especially when many ping pong champions come from that country. However, from the articles that I read on the internet, the game actually came from England.

Do you know that ping pong got its name actually from the sounds that are produced when the ball is hit by the players' bats, back and forth? I first heard about this from a student's oral presentation in class and to see that he was not bluffing, I checked the internet and it is actually true. Isn't truth stranger than fiction? :)

The students from Electrical Engineering faculty cum ping pong buddies

My ping pong session has started when I found the right people who share the same interest, and thank God for that. It is not easy to get friends to play with. The reasons: they play other games like badminton or futsal, and not ping pong, they have to do other important things or they just don't play any games at all during their free time.

an ex-student from Computer Science Faculty, about two weeks ago

By now, I feel healthier and slimmer. Too bad, this weekend will be Idul Adha so people will be busy celebrating and eating more than they should [including me]. And by the next ping pong session, I will grow fat already but I will always be looking forward to it.

I will try to write about the benefits of playing ping pong one of these days so that people will see why it is a good game to play.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is another wedding scenario of ex-schoolmates got married to each other. While some people started falling in love since they were still in school, others only started to get to know each other after they had left school. I don't think the bride and bridegroom, Aishah and Norazlan, were in a relationship when they were in school but I am yet to confirm that. There were things happening in school that I was not aware of.

standing left and right: Maisarah and Farhana; sitting from left: Megat Khairun, ME, Hafiz and Hazizul

Luckily there were a group of ex-students when I arrived with Hazizul and they were all from SPM batch 2001. So it was not that awkward to sit with people that you did not know or to answer question: "Do you come alone?". We were luckier to get the chance to get ourselves photographed with the lovely newlyweds. And I saw people whom I recognized in the house.

with Fatimah Ahmedy, the bride's sister who was also an ex-student

the photographer, another ex-student, Helmy Affendi

To Aishah and Norazlan: May your life be filled with happiness and wishing you a life time of togetherness.

Friday, October 28, 2011


I can spot two errors.
Can you find them?


A friend of mine, an ex-coursemate of the UPM TESL '93 group came to Johor Bahru when her husband had to be here for work-related business. The last time we met was during Hari Raya and at that time, Puan Maslinda did not have the time to explore Johor Bahru that she left behind many years ago. So today I had the opportunity to show her one of the very few shopping complexes in town, Jusco Tebrau City.

With no intention of shopping, we just had tea at a restaurant and gossiped for about two hours. Too bad, Puan Maslinda and her husband will be going to Singapore the next day and there is another family event they have to attend the day after next, or else I could show the other sides of town which should be new to her.

Thanks Puan Maslinda (a.k.a Amoi) for your time and also for all the food below, brought all the way from Kuala Lumpur.

her daughter's home-made chocolate

my first bite of red velvet

conga bars

cake from a wedding reception?

"daging salai masak lemak cili api"
[translate: barbecued meat in super hot coconut milk gravy]

NOTE: Once, I was sending a friend from the TESL group to the bus terminal as she needed to catch her bus there. After that, someone who saw me with my friend, asked me on Facebook who that lady was and suddenly I was feeling like a celebrity. I wonder whether there was any paparazzi around this time. :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


18th October ~ I bade farewell to three trainees from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia who were about to complete their teaching practice by Friday the 19th. However, I had to say "goodbye" earlier because I would not be in school by that time and was going to miss the potluck held in the staffroom.

Thanks a lot to the three people: Miss Lekha, Puan Yuni Nuraini (an ex-student of SMKTUN) and Miss Hani for assisting us in school throughout your stay. Hopefully you have all had a pleasant and memorable experience in school.

a present from my mentee

Monday, October 24, 2011


some of the moments captured on camera

a few took the kids along

the people who were gathered this time

Trying to make the most of the time spent in Kajang, another gathering was planned by the TESL '93 group members. So the time and venue were set and people who were not occupied with work or family related matters could come. However, many people were not free I guess, but it was still a merry occasion with a few kids accompanying their parent(s). It was a short meeting which lasted for two hours but it was fun to get to see old friends once in a while.

Thanks to my friends who were there: (1) Jashireen Mohd. Bashir (2) Aliza Alwi (3) Salmiah Mohd. Ghazali (4) Ridwan A. Wahid (5) Shazreen Shah (6) Hayati Ismail; and (7) Hanita Kassim [and she was also attending the same meeting I was in]. Looking forward to another reunion, at the end of this year? Or next year?

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was again spending my time in Kajang for five days and four nights for the annual event. I was really looking forward to this because it was the time to see some friends and people that I know. Unfortunately, we were sent to the same hotel like last year so there was less excitement. If you want to look at the place just click HERE.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - so Jack needed some time out to get some entertainment once in a while. Your stay in Kajang would not be complete without visiting the sate stall. On the third day, with two other friends (read: partners in crime), Mr. Asrolnizam and Mr. Hamidon, we went to the famous Haji Samuri Restaurant on foot in the evening. Even though it was raining and the traffic was heavy, we still made our way to the eating place. The truth was we could not stand the hotel food anymore as we already knew what to expect for every meal. The menu used was definitely the same with what we had last year. I have a very strong memory.

Actually on the second day, I had an earlier meeting with someone at PapaRich, a restaurant opposite the hotel. That person was Mr. Hashim Hasan, a senior whom I knew when I was in Fourth College, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia back in 1997 and 1998. However, after he graduated from college, we had lost contact until I got his number from another senior last year. Since his house is quite near, it was the best time to meet. Mr. Hashim did not change a bit so there was no problem of recognizing him. There was a mixed feeling to see someone whom you thought you would never be able to see again - after 22 years. And I hope we can meet again some other time, soon, when he comes back from Haj.

There was another gathering taking place on the fourth day with my TESL friends but the report will be published separately as there are many pictures to post.

Nevertheless, despite all the meeting, gathering and outing, the main focus will still be the work that had to be done there.

people very hard at work

people not-so-hard at work

a more formal group photo

at the hall while waiting for the time to disperse

After five days, finally, everybody had to say "goodbye" to everybody else before going home to continue with our work at home. Hopefully, if god permits, we will see each other again next year but please let it be in a different hotel which at least is near to a shopping complex.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 2011


PRS is the short form for "Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya" [translate: Peers' Guide]. The students are appointed as PRS to help and guide their peers in school, something like that. Under the supervision of the Counseling and Guidance Unit, a short course was held today in school.

Actually the main reason I (was invited) and attended this event was because I wanted to eat. However, as the people more superior than me were not around so I happily accepted the responsibility of giving a short speech, officiated the opening ceremony of the course and lastly gave away the certificates and prizes to the students.

the committee members getting their certificates

the lucky ones getting their prizes in the lucky draw

I also got a present (YEAY!)

food, food, glorious food

with the counseling teachers

Congratulations to everybody who had made the event a success and thanks again for inviting me.


Find the error if you can.

Picture courtesy of Puan Rozana Sani Abdullah Sani

Friday, October 14, 2011


The story describes the challenges a mother faced in bringing up her son with Asperger's syndrome - a branch of autism, Jacob Hunt. Being a single mother, she also had to take care of another son, the younger brother of Jacob, named Theo. However, a girl was found dead one day and she being Jacob's friend/tutor/social trainer, all the evidence seemed to be pointing to Jacob as the murderer.

With the help of a lawyer, the mother was trying hard to convince everybody that Jacob was innocent and the fact that he was autistic, did not help at all . And the BIG question is: did Jacob really kill Jess? I will not tell the verdict but the one liner that will describe the whole book will be: honesty is the best policy.

When you read this book, you will not only enjoy the storyline but you will also find that in the end, you will definitely learn more about Asperger's syndrome. For sure, a lot of research has been done by the author to pen down the story. I have already read five of Picoult's books and I will not hesitate to read more of her work in the future.

[NOTE: Thanks Ms. Cheong for lending me the book]

Thursday, October 13, 2011


[a video copied from someone's Facebook wall]

This is one of the many challenges that teachers face every day in school. And if you were there, what would you do in the first place?

Actually, this is scary but at the same time hilarious.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I had promised the class monitor of the English class I taught in UTM for a treat but the problem was that it had been postponed because of unforeseen circumstances, for 3 1/2 years. That was when I started teaching part time seven semesters ago.

waiting for the chicken to arrive

with Mr. Monitor, Aimin...

... and Hafifi

Finally, after the long wait, Aimin the monitor, said that he was free to meet in KFC Taman Universiti and he brought along another friend, Hafifi. I was glad that I did not break my promise and at the same time, had the time to catch up lost time. [Surprisingly there were many people at the restaurant and the service was real slow, the outlet was understaffed and I was told the chicken just arrived so we had to wait 20 minutes for it to be marinated]. So thanks a lot to both of you for the time and perhaps we can meet again for "teh tarik" session some other time before you two graduate and leave university. Don't forget to ask Halim because I have forgotten how he looks like.

I still owe two of my other monitors for a treat and am looking for the right time to do so.