Thursday, December 30, 2010


There was a string of meetings for four days non-stop. It was not something that everyone was happy about but that was a part of our responsibilities. Just wish that there will be not many more meetings that need to be attended in the future.

The second meeting was still held in Kolej Tun Razak in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and this time the other three senior assistant teachers were given the chance to speak. We also had the appointment of the new committee members for the Staff Room Club for the year 2011.

Another meeting for teachers was held yesterday in school where teachers sat together in groups according to the subjects they teach. This one, thank god, was a brief one. I forgot to take photos.

And today, the 4t meeting, was the academic audit meeting for the afternoon teachers and those teaching form three. Here, the teachers discussed the students' performance in the final exam for the year 2010. There was some heated debate (or discussion) among the group members but that was done for a good cause. At the same time, everyone stayed awake right until the end.

There should be one more meeting tomorrow but lucky our friends in the morning session Friday is declared a public holiday when our national football team won the tournament so it is postponed.

NOTE: photos taken from the ones on my Facebook wall, either from Puan Yusidah's or Puan Yasirah's cameras.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Actually the walking tour with Claire had already ended. But with still some time to kill, my new-made friend and I decided to continue walking on our own. Not really exploring into new sites, we just made our way to a place that we had no chance to get to earlier.

Introducing my new friend, Christian, from Switzerland. That is why there are more photos of me this time because we took turns taking each others' photographs around the place. I guess it was just a short acquaintance with Christian but it was nice to a kind and friendly person like him.


School has not officially started for its new session yet but we teachers had already started working. There will be a string of meetings to be attended by everybody throughout the week and registration day for the new students will follow suit.

The first meeting today was held at Kolej Tun Razak, UTM as we needed a larger hall that could accommodate our 180 staff at one time. The place was spacious and comfortable, if compared to our school hall. Hopefully everybody could still stay awake when it comes to my slot tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


The second part of my walking tour in Sydney. Details will be added later.

with Claire, the tour guide

Too lazy to add details, aren't pictures supposed to tell a thousand words?

to be continued, again...

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Mr. Zul Azeze's wedding reception was held at Kolej Tuanku Canselor, UTM today. It was the second wedding of the day so it meant that there was more food to be consumed.

Lucky enough, three ex-students, Mr. Hazizul, Mr. Shah Erhan and Mr. Megat (with his wife and baby) were already there so it was comforting when people whom you knew were around.

We had the chance to see the bride and bridegroom as there were not many people swarming around them so it was the best time to get our photo taken.

So Azeze and Hidayah, wishing you a happy marriage and hoping the life ahead of you will be filled with love and joy.

[NOTE: I should take more photos for postings which are related to weddings, engagements etc. They look quite nice in the blog.]


This was something that I had been looking for, exploring more of Sydney, especially the city. With more time available, I believed that I could go to places that I had never been to. Before I departed for Australia, I had surfed the internet for this walking tour. I joined one when I was in Berlin with Pn. Siti Khadijah. I discovered the same kind of thing was also available in Sydney and that was something that I could not miss because it was totally FREE of charge.

So we had to assemble somewhere near the Town Hall at 10:30 a.m. and looked for our tour guides who were wearing bright green shirts. There were about 20 people that morning and we were grateful for the sunshine. (The weather forecast was always predicting for rainy days throughout my stay there). We had a girl tour guide by the name of Claire, who successfully narrated the journey around Sydney with the stories of the past, the recent ones and the present. The tour took about 3 1/2 hours so it was a lot to see, photos to take and to report to you as well.

The walking tour postings will be divided into a few parts. There are too many photos to upload, and I would try my very best to label them. Enjoy!

waiting for people to join the group

Town Hall

the church opposite the Town Hall

Claire in action in front of Queen Victoria Building

one group of the many street musicians that can be found, in Hyde Park

St. Mary's Cathedral, in front of Hyde Park

in front of Sydney Hospital, or is it the Mint House

to be continued....