Thursday, June 10, 2010


A must visit for students who had done Shakespeare, willingly or unwillingly, is the birth place of William Shakespeare which is situated at Stratford-upon-Avon. So we made a pilgrimage to this place where the father of English Literature was born.

Shakespeare's characters came alive

These were three characters from Shakespeare's plays welcoming visitors to the venue. At first glance, they looked just like statues. Just put a coin into the basket for photgraph sessions, and the characters would come alive. They were actually people in costumes and the Shakespeare's ghost would even try to scare you.

We had a great time posing around the area but had to hurry as the limit for the car parked was only for an hour.

And to make our literary excursion more complete, Puan Hayati took us to Anne Hathaway's place. Anne Hathaway was the lady he married when she was 26 and he himself was only 18. Again, there was no free entry, so to get the opportunity to get myself photographed outside Shakespeare's wife's house was an achievement of a lifetime.

Wait for more exciting stories coming soon!

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