Monday, September 28, 2009


I managed to slip away when the guests were gone during the weekend to watch "G-Force". I had to watch this one as the characters starring are guinea pigs and animals of the rodent family like hamster and mice. The characters are so adorable and real, they remind me of the hamsters I used to have as pets a few years back. The main characters, three guinea pigs and a mole, are on a mission to overcome an evil power that uses household utensils to conquer the world. By the way, these animals have been trained in the lab to be intelligent and able to carry out missions using high-tech gadgets. Their motto: If at first you don't succeed, spy, spy, again. There are many hilarious scenes and they are more significant to me as I can relate very well to the behaviour being shown on the screen. If you need a good laugh or looking for a light comedy, this is one movie you can watch with your family and kids.


Today was the last day of a 10-day school break, and one last group came visiting. And I guess I have lost count of the number of students coming but there are more people this time round.


Need to go to back to school tomorrow. After the long holiday, it will not be easy to get into the working mood but there are still about 23 days of Eid celebration left. There could still be people coming but most probably in a smaller number. Let's just see.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


It is already one week of Eid ul-Fitr celebration - how time flies. And at this stage, I am already too exhausted to write . So let's again see some pictures that were captured at home on the seventh day of this year's Eid.

SPM BATCH 2009 - Good luck to all of you!


Nazihah (SPM 2009), Harith (SPM 2005) and Hasif (SPM 2008), came with family

Friday, September 25, 2009


This is just the continuation of the previous postings so the story is almost the same. The theme: Hari Raya celebration. Let's just see who were the people in the house this afternoon.




Today was a busy day entertaining students and ex-students coming for Eid, starting as early as 11 in the morning until almost midnight. After counting, there were 53 people who had made my house a merrier place. For most of them, they had to come and visit by this week as they have to go back to their universities or colleges which will resume the academic session by next Monday. It is always a pleasure to welcome them and these same batch of students always make the effort to meet at least once in a year during Eid. So I guess, I will only see them again in about one year time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?




Thursday, September 24, 2009


On the 4th day of Eid, Farah came visiting with her husband and kids. She is teaching and staying in Seremban now but her in-law's house is just around the corner, so there is no reason not to drop by. She is also one of my old friends from UPM. At one time, she was the treasurer when I was the class monitor, and we also stayed in the same residential college.

The other group that came was Bad (Badrulhisham) and the family members. They used to be my neighbour next door and we grew up together. I also saw all these kids who are standing at the back, his nieces and nephews, grew up into young adults. As they are now staying somewhere else so we seldom meet but memories of old good time still linger.

And another 26 more days to go...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Eid ul-Fitr or Hari Raya is the month of visiting and eating, chatting and gossiping, asking for forgiveness and forgiving, giving money (especially) and receiving. As far as people in Johor are concerned, Eid is celebrated throughout the month, right until the end. So here are the few people whom I had seen until the third day of the celebration.

1st Raya - Dr. Radiah, my old classmate from SMS Muar, and her husband, Dr. Rasyeed, came visiting with her brother and nephew. They are both lecturing in UiTM Shah Alam. The last time we met was like two years ago and it was good to see them again.

2nd Raya - Out of the blue, he was there standing outside my door. Idzham, an ex-student, who is now studying in UM, came alone driving. I was really surprised to see him, but of course it was a pleasant one.

2nd Raya - Sharmin (the guy from Melbourne posting) and Sharudin (both ex-students of my school) and Sharina (form 4) came with their parents.We have become like family friends now.

3rd Raya - Suhana Abdul Jamal with her 3 kids at her parents' house which is just a stone's throw away from mine An old friend from college days, she is currently teaching in Sungai Petani and this is also like an annual event when we get to meet.

So another 27 days to go with more people to meet, to entertain and to be entertained.


Wishing you a very happy and blessed Eid ul-Fitr, may your life be filled with happiness. As for me, these are the days when I get to see more people visiting my house: relatives, friends, ex-students and students alike. For most, it is like a once-in-a-year-event. So we will see who are the lucky ones to get into my blog. But for the time being, I am just too tired to write after experimenting and discovering more exciting possibilities of editing pictures using Paint.

Friday, September 18, 2009


It is a temptation too hard to resist, I need to post this entry before it gets outdated. So just consider this one the continuation of the previous entry.

a step by step guide on how to open a cake box

So today I got a chocolate cake from Secret Recipe given by a few colleagues. And do read the card that is attached together with the gift box.

And I got some more cookies to bring home for Eid ul-Fitr. Lucky me, I have generous and kind-hearted friends. So let me say thank you again for the final time for all the things that you have given me throughout the month of Ramadhan. A bit of fragrance always clings to the hands that give roses (Chinese proverb).

cookies from Puan Sabariah, Mr. Narasimman and Puan Noraliza.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I just cannot wait another day to post this entry, or else it will not be that exciting. Anyway, I will make it as short and sweet as possible. My Eid celebration is like Christmas in a way because I receive present from friends.


My Chinese friends are the regular present givers and it has been like a tradition. I really appreciate the kind thoughts and the generosity, and pray that I will be able to return your kindness for the coming Chinese New Year.


It used to be very big hampers before but nowadays I have been getting real presents which are more long lasting. I get a Corningware casserole this time, YEAY!!

click to enlarge and read the writing on the card

And as usual, it is accompanied with a beautiful greeting card. Thank you my friends! As Mother Theresa once said, "If you cannot feed a hundred people on this Earth, then just feed one".

Selamat Hari Raya again everyone, this time it is for real.

Monday, September 14, 2009


with Mr. Sabri and Mr. Zahidi in front of the school surau (praying hall)

with Mr. Faisal and Mr. Hisham

Another breaking fast event was held in school and this time it was among the teachers, staffs and family members. Too bad I could not be there until the end because I had a class to teach at UTM by 8:00 p.m. so I left just after Maghrib prayer. Guess I must had missed the good food as well as good company of friends.

And these are the regular early birds in my UHB1412 class. While many students would not even put the effort to come early, these guys would never be late. This was done while waiting for the rest to arrive. These boys (I still consider them boys) are Fazlee, Nazrin, Muiz, Firdaus and Izzat. See, I can remember names! And it must a trend now that when your pictures are taken, you must look at something else but not the camera.

Lecture Room 2, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, UTM

With the few remaining days left before Eid, I will be busy with tonnes of work to do. So to all dearest readers, see you again by the month of Syawal with new postings and pics which I bet will be festive-themed. Wishing you all Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and enjoy those precious moments with your loved ones.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


The spirit of Eid ul-Fitr can already be felt. In school, you can find cookies being brought home - teachers are bringing more things home from school than before. You can buy any necessities for the festive season from the staff room - actually, not just cookies and cakes. Items on sale vary and at times you will find the staff room has become a mini bazaar. In a way, a lot of time can be saved, there is no need to go to crowded shopping complexes or bazaars anymore.Ramadhan is always a month of blessing for blooming entrepreneurs but as long as teaching and learning can go on as usual, it doesn't really matter - it only happens once a year, doesn't it?

Thanks to Zervin for the cookies, but have to wait for about eight more days before I can savour those delicious looking pineapple tarts.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


the boys of 2RKA

We were breaking fast in school today. We had this event specially for form one and two students of Special Religious Class. So as usual, after breaking fast and Maghrib prayer, we continued with Isya' and Tarawikh prayers. Students these days are really lucky in the sense that they are given the opportunity not only to excel academically, but also they have the chance to do a lot of other things, including in the spiritual and religious aspects. It is just a matter of whether they want it or not and he who hesitates is lost.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My very first Eid card via the post for this year arrived at last and it was from Sharmin. And after almost 3 weeks of fasting, I only got ONE card in my mailbox. How things have changed. Last time, sending greeting cards was a must for everybody. However, with the advanced technology, people have opted for a much more cheaper method. They just send sms to wish each other. I still remember how exciting it would be coming back from school to open envelopes, trying to figure out from whom the cards were coming from. Sending and replying greeting cards is a friendly gesture, and it is like the more you give, the more you receive. The acts seemed to be very simple but a lot of effort had to be put in doing that, from buying the cards, writing pantuns (Malay rhyming prose) and going to the post office to get stamps and post them. Too sad, sooner or later, sending greeting cards is not going to be a tradition anymore in the society and at the same time, we are losing some kind of excitement in celebrating the festive season. And I am yet to buy a card for Sharmin tomorrow.


This week is meet-my- friends-and-ex-students-week. Since Mr. Ismaz (I don't know how to spell the longer version of the name) was here in JB, so that was the best time to sit down and talk. The last time we met was in KL, October last year. He is one of my few male coursemates from UPM and has been in regular contact (although not that frequent) since then. This time, it was Sup Utara, the latest eatery in Taman Universiti that I have set my eyes on for a couple of weeks. Tasty soup, conducive surrounding and most importantly reasonable price, this can be a perfect place to hang out later. Nevertheless, it was already almost midnight so we had to call it a day but the session will be continued later because according to Irwin Sarason, good friends are good for your health.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


While many people just disappear and no longer can be heard after they have left school, a few still stay around and get connected to their teachers. Thanks to Hadi who is still willing to come and see me after all these years. The last time we met was like one year back when his brother got married and he was too busy at that time. So went to meet him with Sharmin (see him from my posting about my visit to Melbourne) at one of the eating places here. Definitely not a rendezvous because by definition it should be a secret meeting, but the word just sounds nice and I guess it must have originated from French. Well, too many updates of the present and too much reminiscing of the past, and yet too little time. If you look closely, the chairs had already been put on the tables and it was about time for us to go home. Hadi is going back to France this Saturday so hopefully will meet him again some time next year. I wonder whether I will still have enough time (to save money) to visit him there.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


To tell you the truth, I almost gave up reading this book as I found it was quite slow in the beginning. However, patience is the keyword. As the plot was getting interesting, without realizing, I had spent my entire Sunday finishing this novel. Another masterpiece by Archer, this time the readers would be taken to trips around main cities like New York, London and Bucharest. Centralizing on the main character, Anna, who is a maestro in fine arts and paintings, the story is intertwined beautifully between the description of paintings and great painters like Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, and names I haven't heard before. Anna who is indirectly involved in an illegal activity is trying hard to break away from her evil boss and at the same time saving others. You know Archer, there would be a lot of twists and turns, making you guess what is going to happen in the end. Another heart-stopping and adrenalin-pumping action novel, a must read for Archer's fans.


Sometimes I just run out of things to write. Therefore I have decided to do review of movies that I have watched at the cinema. At least I might help you choose what to watch if you just have doubt about a certain film showing. Mind you, I am not a professional film critique so don't blame me if my opinion might mislead you. Well, one man's meat is another man's poison.

The last movies I watched were Transformers and Terminator Salvation. This time I went to watch G.I. Joe with Wan Iznif. This is a must watch for action movie lovers. I thought the Joes were just ordinary soldiers but how wrong I was. As usual, they are equipped with hi-tech gadgets that make them some sort of superheroes. There are a lot of shooting and running, vehicles exploding and flying everywhere, glass shattering and aircrafts firing bullets in the sky and in the water non-stop. Superb computer graphic effects that would make you believe these kinds of things really exist in the real world. Very high entertainment value, a movie worth watching and paying the tickets for. Do I sound convincing enough?

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I was happy because I had something to bring home from school again today. This time I had to thank Mr. Hisham for being kind enough to give me the products of Kelantan which he brought home after the school break.

salak fruit, the leftover

The fruit that you see is called salak, and if I am not mistaken it is called sawa fruit in the east coast. Yes, sawa as in phyton the snake. The name could derive from the skin texture of the fruit which is almost like of a phyton's, scary man! in English, the fruit is called snake skin fruit. It is quite difficult to get it it here and it is sold at a high price. A good type will be sweet but most of the time it has a slight bitter taste. 

fish crackers, not fried yet

Another specialty of Kelantan or the east coast states is its fish crackers. Simple yet delicious, crunchy and fishy at the same time. It is best eaten with chili sauce and I just love to have it with hot steaming lemon tea. HEAVEN! But then, I am yet to wait until it is fried and then only I can enjoy a piece of heaven.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are generous. And "blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting" (Elizabeth Bibesco)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Life is a simple joy of giving and receiving

gift #1

It was the first day of school after the long week break so I was expecting a slow start to life. However, I was overjoyed with unexpected gifts from a student and an ex-student which made my day. Teacher's Day was already over but I guess it is the Ramadhan's gifts of giving. Gift number one was a box of Eid ul-Fitr cookies which came together with a card from Ching Khai and his family. It took a lot of courage though not to open the lid and have a bite of the delicious looking london almonds.

gift(s) #2
The second gifts came from Solleh, an ex-student who is now studying in Canada. You can see Solleh in my posting about my visit to Singapore on 19th July. I was handed over a University of Toronto t-shirt and a Toronto key-chain, everything Toronto. Guess I already have a shirt to wear for this coming festive season.

To Solleh and Ching Kai, I can't thank you enough. People like you make me feel grateful that I am still a teacher.

"It is possible to give without loving,
but it is impossible to love without giving."
Richard Braunstein