Monday, December 31, 2018


17th DECEMBER 2018 ~ I at first thought they were the houses of the locals but when I saw a small group of (Malaysian) tourists walking along the veranda, I knew they were not. Many tourists might have missed this unique exhibition houses hidden among the stalls and tucked away from the main street. I had also never found this in any of the blogs I read before going.

The two-story houses were built with wood. There were rooms which housed exhibits of the past, something I could easily relate to and childhood memories came flooding back.

I think this should be some kind of original houses built in this area before things got commercialized. They were not that traditional though but the effort to preserve history for the future generation is something we could learn from the Thais. It clearly shows that people appreciate history more. Instead of demolishing old buildings, they are taken care and become an education centre.

I once slept inside a mosquito net

I tried to find more information on this building but there was none so I just presumed all of the above. They could just rebuild the whole thing for tourism purpose but the intention is still clear. Therefore, make sure you climb up the wooden stairs and experience the 70's lifestyle in Hua Hin.

Sunday, December 30, 2018


When you are at the night market, do not just walk along the stalls on the main street. There are still smaller roads and alleys which accommodate more stalls and shops and stalls selling more items and offering services to the tourists.

I was glad I found this street performers playing music on their Thai traditional musical instruments. The small girl was still in her school uniform.

There was some kind of art street with pictures painted on sections of walls.

maximizing the space

Mr. Hulk is there - worry no more

a street artist at work


I thought the boy was selling some sort of an item used for prayer, but I saw it on a dashboard of a car. It was pandanus leaves which could naturally be used as natural air freshener.

another street performer

It looked like just a normal night market but there was this attraction that was tucked away in one corner. Or perhaps, people were too busy shopping and observing other things, they might miss it.

And here is something for you to enjoy, from Hua Hin, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".