Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, it is just across the Causeway. But the last time I went there was about ten years ago. On Sunday 19th July, I made my way to Singapore with two ex-students: Farhan, who acted as the tour guide and Solleh, the other tourist. So we walked the hundred miles across the island from morning until late at night.

Bugis Junction

Bugis Street
The places in Singapore are linked to each other by the MRT rails so moving around was never a problem. We first went to Bugis Street, a place similar to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Here you could find varieties of items on sale, and this would be a good place to get (cheap) souvenirs from Singapore. Opposite it is another shopping complex called Bugis Junction which has unique architecture. It looks like blocks of old shop houses conserved and converted into modern shopping complex. It is a spitting image of KL Central Market except Bugis Junction is much bigger and more vibrant with activities.

Orchard Road
We moved next to Orchard Road, the place where people really go to shop in this island. People were everywhere, the stream of people walking seemed endless. At one spot of the road, we felt as if we were in Manila because we were surrounded by the Filipinos. Mind you, we were just here to observe but not to shop. The currency was still quite high for us to spend our money, we had to multiply every single Sing Dollar with about 2.5, so every single cent counts!

Harbour Front

in conjunctions with H1N1 flu
The next stop was Vivo shopping centre and as we walked out one of the doors, there was Harbour Front overlooking the Sentosa Island. Many people, mostly families, were just there to enjoy the scenery or to play in the ankle-deep pool, and some were even seen having picnic at the park.

Sentosa Island

Even though it was almost 6:00 pm, we still decided to go to Sentosa Island by taking the monorail. On this small island, there were interesting places to visit and interesting things to do but time did not permit. We only managed to see a few things, and it was too dark to take pictures. But for sure, we will be coming back again, Farhan and I were already planning of taking the others to spend the day there, sooner or later. So, any takers? The one day trip was really enjoyable, and thanks to Farhan for guiding me and Solleh through the roads not taken before. Until the next trip...

Friday, July 17, 2009


One of my weaknesses is that I never ever consider my colleagues as my subordinates, I see them more as friends. Life in school is so much fun when everybody works as a family. Thanks for all the cooperation and perseverance, united we stand!

SITTING: Pn. Lee Kim Luan, Pn. Sabariah Zainuddin, Pn. Nor Shuhada Aziz, Pn. Nurul Alyani Mat Daud, Pn.Siti Adaniah Sarimin, En. Masrizal Sayute, ME En. Zainal Mohd. Yusof, Pn. Saidah Baharom (PK1), En. Sa'at Mahat (PK Koko), En. Shahbudin Yusof (Ketua Bidang Sains Sosial), En. Narasimman Mannar, En. Sin Boon Han, En. Syazarul Shahrir Zainal Abidin, Pn. Norizah Ahmad, Pn. Lim Beng Guat, Pn. Baderah Peri.

SECOND ROW: Pn. Zaini Yahya, Pn. Noor Zuzana Yusof, Pn. Nik Fatahiyah Zamakshari, Pn. Noraliza Mazni, Pn. Roslina Ali, Pn. Nor Irmawaty Norzamri, Cik Zuraidah Abd. Hamid (EX-STUDENT OF THE SCHOOL), Cik Normaizura Abu Hasan, Pn. Arbai'yah Ahmad (EX-STUDENT OF THE SCHOOL ALSO), Pn. Suriani Soryat, Pn. Rafidah Abd. Samat, Cik Nurul Alyani Ariffin, Pn. Zabedah Abd. Jalil, Cik Firdaus Mohamad, Pn. Raja Zalila Raja Ali, Pn. Aziah Zakaria, Pn Haridawati Hassim, Pn. Nazia Naim, Pn. Raja Ainurraziyah Raja Omar Ainuddin, Pn. Hadizah Abd. Hamid, Pn. Mariam JalilTOP ROW: Pn. Norazilah Mashadi, Pn. Zahrah Abd. Karim, Cik Norhafiza Mokhtar, Cik Huan Huey Chin, Pn. Yusidah Yusof, Pn. Saemah Atan, Pn. Zauyah Zakaria, Pn. Siti Zabidah Adnan, Pn. Tay Le Mei, Pn. Low Woon Hsia, Pn. Lee Fung Li, Cik Norhafiza Zulkifli, Pn. Jainah Baharuddin, Cik Sri Armadiana Jusoh, Cik Hui Chui Ching, Pn. Marina Abdullah, Pn. Zuerdiana Manaf, Pn. Suhana Suratman, Cik Quek Miow Leng
NOT IN PICTURE: En. Mohd. Nasir Sardangi, En. Mohd. Faisal Mohd. Zin, En. Hisham Abdullah, Pn. Goh Seok Lian, Pn. Tan Hui Lan, Cik Aishah Mohd. Taha, Cik Norizan M. Rohi, Cik Nurul Nazirah, Pn. Fadilah Baharuddin, Cik Indra Muthurajan, Pn. Law Siao Siu, Pn. Nor Hasikin Tuah, Cik Rafidah Abd. Majid, Pn. Rukiah Bahari, Pn. Sh. Nadia Sy. Nasharudin, Pn. Shirley Ling Jen


My blog still revolves around trip and visit but this time it was more educational, a visit to a private school in Johor Bahru, i.e. Sri Omega School. The visit was organized by the Senior Assistant of the Afternoon Session Committee members (formerly known as Afternoon Supervisor) so as to expand our horizon and to see something new.

in the Living Skills Room

As expected, the school has good facilities. For example, all the classrooms are fully air-conditioned and the floors tiled that makes the school clean. Well, everything is paid for, so you can expect for the best. It is good to know that there is another option for education system but if only you have the money to fund it.

in the Music Room which houses traditional Chinese musical instruments

All in all, it was a new learning experience, and the grass seems to be greener on the other side of the fence. Thanks to all the staff which has made the visit a pleasant and memorable one.

I would love to share a few quotations that were printed on the folder that was given to us each. Enjoy!


The only people who fail are those who never try.
(Ilka Chase)
If you must make a mistake, make a new one each time.
(Dale Carnegie)

To be successful, you don't have to do extraordinary things.
Just do ordinary things extraordinary well.
(Robert Frost )

A diamond is a chunk of coal that made good under pressure.
Friendship consists of forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.
(Alexandra Dumas)

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.
(Robert Frost)

Sunday, July 12, 2009


bigger is better

celebrating the victory
On the 11th July, after many many years, a marching competition for Kadet Bomba (Fire Brigade Cadets) of Johor Bahru District was organized. Thank God, at last, we had the chance to display and entertain fellow cadets and teacher advisers of other schools, as well as officers from District Fire Brigade Department. After all the disappointment for this year's competition, i.e. 2nd place district level competition for non-government organization category and the worst, 3rd place for school level competition, we finally emerged the champion at last. The crowd were very impressed with our performance and continuous screams could be heard throughout the presentation.
Congratulations to all the members of the marching team. The effort has started many years back, so thank you to all the seniors who have left school but your determination and perseverance are the factors that have put the team where we are now.

*Note: I will try to post the video later.

Friday, July 10, 2009


There's nothing much to blog about so I think I will start doing review on books that I have read. Too bad, I do not read much nowadays. I wish I could have spent more time reading. That is one reason why I like travelling on train, I can read and focus on the book.

So this is the book I was reading on my back from Melbourne to JB. Danielle Steele is known for her ability to write brilliant love stories and family saga. This one is surprisingly easy to read that you can already expect what is going to happen at the end of it all. A divorced pair getting back together again after all the conflicts they have gone through, the end. The book is good because you don't have to do a lot of thinking; isn't reading supposed to be pleasant in the first place? Personally I think that Steele could have written something better than this. But at least I have successfully finished reading a book. What about you?