Saturday, June 27, 2009


Once the mission to Miri had been accomplished, I was immediately ready to explore. That would explain why I was in my batik shirt, I did not even go back to the hotel to change. Lucky enough, the two teachers I met had volunteered to take me around. The first place we went to was Gua Longhouse Resort, a place where you can rent the rooms and experience staying in a longhouse.

outside the long house

and the view inside

As Miri is actually situated by the ocean, we moved along the coastal road, observing the mansions of timber tycoons on the left, right and on the hills. Their houses were really big and beautiful with large compound surrounding them, similar to houses of Hollywood's celebrities that you have seen on television. We stopped at two places by the sea; one was Luak Bay, and the other was Marina Bay. Both had spectacular view of the South China Sea.

Luak Bay
Miri Marina Bay

The sea horse - the symbol for Miri

Miri has one beautiful park in the city. A good place for people to jog, walk or just enjoy the green trees around. Inside, there is a pool for children and places for people to picnic where you can even have barbecue. The main attraction for me would be the canopy walk where you can walk above the trees for quite a distance and enjoy the scenery from the top.

Up in the sky, on the canopy walk

The last place we went to was the Grand Old Lady, an oil rig that was personified as a woman. It was an important discovery to Miri as oil was first discovered on that spot back in 1909 and the real oil rig was still there standing. It was kind of a museum. Apart from that, you could have an aerial view of the city and people came there just to climb the hills as recreational activities as well as to observe the sunset in the evening.

the first oil rig in Miri

I would like to thank two kind people of Miri, Puan Chai Soon and Puan Agatha Sia for taking me around Miri and getting to know the city better.


  1. kelakar laaa...ko pakai baju batik kt r.pnjg! diorang X pelik ke, tengok ko? patut laa MIA(Missing In Action) few days...!

    ckgu, nie sye dh tgok blog ckgu.. buat suspend sye je, ble ckgu pnggil sye hritu.. igtkn ade buat kslhn..

  2. mcm bes gk miri ni..besa x banda dia cgu??