Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We found this cinema in Kluang Parade while trying to kill time and lucky me, this movie was about to start when we arrived there.

I particularly love Cameron Diaz because I always find her funny especially in her acting in Charlies Angels series. It was actually a romantic comedy in a fast action movie. So you definitely could find a lot of shooting, fighting and killing, fast cars and explosions. Tom Cruise, an FBI agent who was mistakenly thought as traitor, was trying to get a super battery that had long lasting power (better than Duracell) from falling into the hands of the bad guys. He had taken Diaz into the scene, I supposed accidentally and her life was in danger. But the end, the hero would always win and they fell in love

Quite entertaining. They were funny and I enjoyed myself. I have to watch more comedy.


students busy completing the task

I was invited for another SPM seminar organized by JHEOA (the Department of Indigenous People Affair) which was held in Kluang. As it was held at night and accommodation was available, so I asked Mr. Amin Ahmad to tag along. By the way, the students did not look like the indigenous. Perhaps after many generations, even the physical looks have changed.

the guest house
the facilities

The guest house was not that bad. It could actually accommodate 4 people, with air-conditioners, hot shower and the most important thing, a television set. We could only spend a short time there as we needed to start early the next morning so we could catch more bird with one stone.

The first stop on that Sunday morning was Hutan Lipur Gunung Lambak - a recreation centre located at the foot of Lambak Mountain. There were chalets and walking treks up the mountain, with greenery of tall trees of the forest all around. There were many elderly doing their morning walk and I could see a few bringing down water containers down so I guessed they must have filled them from a water spring somewhere. We were not properly attired for that kind of activity so we could not go further up. I wish one day I would come back and take this road not yet taken.

The next stop was the Kluang Railway Station. We were not there to catch any train though but to get our morning cup of coffee.

Well-known as the must visit eating place in Kluang, was the Kluang Rail Coffee Shop. It was so famous that the shop was featured many many times on television and some sort of an attraction to the locals and visitors alike. This shop has also been franchised and you can find one of its branches in Plaza Kotaraya JB.

When we arrived, there were people of different walks of life, either for their morning coffee or late breakfast. You had to come here at the right time or else you had to wait for your turn looking for an empty seat. The nasi lemak was selling hot and everybody seemed to be eating it.

We ordered iced-coffee, toast and half-boiled eggs. If you ask me, I think the food is just the same or may be I am not much of a coffee drinker so I could not really appreciate my drinks. The toast was a bit different because the they used the sweet buns that were filled with kaya (a local kind of coconut jam) that was soft in the inside and a bit crispy at the outside. People only come here only in the morning and evening as the shop only caters for breakfast and coffee or tea breaks.

Believe it or not, I even went to attend a wedding reception in Kampung Melayu Kluang after watching a movie in Kluang town. The event actually was hosted by Mr. Amin's family friend so I just went to eat lunch before heading back home.

All in all, I had successfully killed many birds in one stone just in two days in Kluang.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Everything had already been packed for home but I still had a few more hours before taking the train to the airport. At the same time, an ex-student who is now studying in Bath, Mr. Aminuddin Shahrom, was coming over to meet me. The good news was that at last I had an official photographer.

Madame Tussaud is a museum famous for its collections of wax figures of famous people. It is some sort of a must visit for tourists to London, and the entrance fee is GBP26 which sounds quite costly if you convert the currency to our local rate but it is worth the money spent.

surrounded by Hollywood superstars

with literary figures, dignitary and scientist

football stars

It was a large collection of wax statues but I had not that much time to spend there so I had to be selective with whom I would like to be photographed. Some figures were too popular that we had to wait for our turns while a few were not getting any attention from the public. Other than the statues, there was also a scary dungeon that you walk through to see how punishment was carried out in the past. It was like a ghost house, with dark tunnel, sounds of people screaming and crying and real people pretending to be the prisoners scaring you. Then, there was this ride on black moving cars illustrating the history of London. We had something like that it Petrosains KLCC.

with Mr. Aminuddin

at Liverpool Station, before we parted our ways

Thanks to Mr. Aminuddin for taking the photograph and accompanying me on my last day in London. Not to forget, for helping to carry my 24.8 kg luggage bag up and down the tube stairs until we reached Liverpool Station.

So I guess that's all, a long ten days away from home, and school. Surprisingly, I had been to quite a few spots and the more exciting thing was to be able to meet a few people, friends and an ex-student. Now I should be planning for my next trip, and perhaps start saving money too. I will post more beautiful pictures later, but I am missing UK and Germany already.


Here are just a few snapshots of London from the river cruise on the Thames River. It started at the Tower of London. As the boat was sailing, there was a live commentator who described the view on both sides of the river. I had to listen really hard so I could understand the heavily accented British English. He was funny though. When we saw the London eyes he was something like, it was said on a clear day, if we were on top of the wheel, we would be able to see as far as Australia.

the end of the journey on water

We stopped somewhere near Big Ben and continued our walking tour. Bright, blue sky and beautiful sight to behold, this was an experience that would last a lifetime.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


the Hop On, Hop Off Bus

The second day in London, I was ready to explore the city. By paying GBP26, I could get on the Hop On, Hop Off bus and get to the interesting places that must be visited by tourists. On this bus, I was given a map and a set of earphones. So when the bus stopped anywhere, it was up to me whether to get off or not, so what I had to do was to plug in the earphones and listen to the commentaries that were available in 8 languages, and at the same time look at the map and the surrounding on my right and left, and decide where to go. So, when I was done at one spot, I would get back to the place where the bus had dropped me earlier and wait for one more of the many buses that kept moving along the route to get to another destination.

London Bridge

Tower of London

the cruise boat

There were just too many places to visit so it would be quite impossible to stop at all these spots. I boarded the first bus at about 8:45 a.m. so I could make full use of the time because the service ended at about 6:00 p.m. and the bus moved quite slow as the traffic was quite bad in London. I decided to get down at the Tower of London because from here I could get on the boat for the river cruise on Thames River, which was included in the package. (A separate entry will be posted for the view from the Thames River)

Parliament House and Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

... and the monument in front of it

Harrods Shopping Centre

V&A Museum

Again, all these photographs were taken for me by strangers I met. I guess I was corteous and sweet enough to make them do this for me happily. So enjoy the photos of some of the places that I had been to around London. Just too lazy to write because I myself am not so sure about the details of the venue to write a lengthy one.


Right after things had been settled in Malaysia Hall, it was time to explore a bit of London on my own, at least the places nearby. Then I discovered the Kensington Garden, it had only a small entrance at Bayswater Street. However, once I was inside there, the place was really alive with people and their activities.

The weather was good, a bright shiny afternoon with slightly cold wind, people were there in the garden - sitting on the grass in pairs or groups or sitting on the benches, walking and walking their dogs, jogging, cycling, skateboarding, rollerboarding, feeding the birds, ducks or squirrels, and playing games such as football and rounders.

Kensington Palace
I first thought it was just a park but Kensington Garden had just too many things to see. I spent about three hours just walking around and seeing a lot of breathtaking and colourful things.

Royal Albert Hall

Albert Memorial

colourful flowers in the background

Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial Fountain

Peter Pan

Physical Energy Sculpture by G.F. Watts

I really had to stop strangers in the middle of the roads to ask them to take pictures of me, and not a single soul said "no" to my humble request. The moral of the story: get a tripod when you are travelling alone. It was a great walk in the park during summer and I was already feeling like an Englishman but the next day, there would be more walking to be done.