Sunday, December 31, 2017


15th OCTOBER 2017 ~ I still had a lot of time after the late lunch and to kill time, I decided to visit Trans Studio Makassar. I had been to Trans Studio Bandung twice but did not get into the indoor theme park. Since I did not have anything else to do, I might as well have a look what was inside. Furthermore, (once) this Trans Studio was one of the world's biggest indoor theme park.

I managed to catch a live theatre performance. I guessed that should be for children until I saw the semi naked hero on stage. :)

There were a lot of people watching the show, children as well as adults. However, once the show was over, the theme park became empty. May be it was already late in the afternoon, and these people had been at this place much earlier.

This should be another option for visitors in Makassar especially who have small kids tagging along. As for me, I did not try even a single ride. I just wanted to kill time, remember?

Saturday, December 30, 2017


A wedding reception was held today at Taman Desa Jaya Community Hall. An ex-student of SMK Taman Universiti from SPM batch 2006, Mr. Kamil Hasbi tied the knot to Ms. Nur Sarena. The event was actually the reception of the bride's side.

A group of ex-students from the bride's same batch was already there so I joined them for the group photo.

Congratulations Kamil Hasbi and Sarena, and may the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

That should wrap up the wedding receptions attended for 2017. I wonder whether there will be more to attend next year.

Friday, December 29, 2017


15th OCTOBER 2017 ~ Another must-eat food when in Makassar in Konro Soup. I think "konro" refers to the rib of the animals. The most famous Konro Soup is the the rib of a horse! I will definitely NOT eat a horse even if I am hungry I can eat a horse.

The soup was eaten with "ketupat" - rice cooked in woven coconut leaves.

I could not remember the name of this place. The restaurant is located at the city centre. I was there quite late for lunch but there were still many people eating.

Another objective for the Makassar trip achieved but I want Konro Soup now! *sigh*

Thursday, December 28, 2017


15th OCTOBER 2017 ~ The last stop at Bantimurung National Park was at the Butterfly Park, which was located like 500 metres outside the entrance. Again, visitors had to pay a small fee to get into this place, and would have to pay extra to walk on the suspension bridge.

I was excited to see the live butterflies there but unfortunately, there was none could be found. According to my guide, it could be because of the dry season and the heat. One interesting thing to note is even though there were trees and streams in Bantimurung National Park, but it was scorching hot. I wonder if it was because of the limestone hills that surrounded the area.

I had to settle for the suspension bridge, as well as other people who were there on that day. I was not particularly keen to try this but since I had paid for it, I would just do it. Furthermore, there were no butterflies around, remember?

There were many people at that spot so we had to take turns. First the staff strapped people with the safety harness and then only we started climbing up the tower. After that, the other staff would attach one end of the cord to the huge rope of the suspension bridge. You could see the net underneath the bridge but I think that was not a safety net. That was the net that prevented the butterflies from escaping from the park (even though there were no butterflies on that day).

looking down from the tower

Then you were ready to walk to one end, and walk back to the same point. Luckily, people were no shaking, swaying of rocking the bridge while I was walking on it so everything was alright. The people in my group, like everybody else were more busy posing and taking photographs.

If you think you could stand the heat or the sun ray, you could even use the yellow umbrellas provided. That would make you look more like a circus performer walking on a tightrope from afar.

That should be the last activity in Bantimurung before making my way back to the city. This should be a place you might consider visiting in Makassar especially if you are a nature lover.