Tuesday, March 31, 2015


17th March 2015 ~ The next venue in our itinerary list was Sade Traditional Village. It was one old village of the Sasak people which still remained and still inhabited by real people until this day. 

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At the entrance, you could do donate some money but there was no entrance fee. Then a guide would take the visitors around the village to see what life was like in a traditional Sasak village.

Originally the house was made of mud mixed with cow's dung which acted as mosquito repellent as well as heat provider. The walls were woven bamboo pieces while the roofs were made of dried grasses.

How people could survive in such a small and dark house was a wonder. Even though the materials used in the construction might look primitive, the buildings were still standing strong up until now.

Monday, March 30, 2015


the "Adat" House

17th March 2015 ~ The next stop was at Sahro Weaving Village in Sukarara. The visitors were first shown a demonstration on how weaving was traditionally done by a villager.

Then, if you are enthusiastic enough, you could get a hands-on experience, of course guided the more experienced one. According to the Sasak custom, a girl must be able to weave before she could be kidnapped and hidden by his lover, and then only the man would ask the girl's parents for the hands in marriage. Weaving is in a way a prerequisite for a girl to become a wife in Lombok, once. 

spooling the thread manually

Lombok coffee

The next activity was trying on the traditional Sasak costumes which consisted of multitude of colours woven in geometrical designs.  

This could be one place to buy handwoven cloth which is high in quality but I am not sure of the price. For men, you could buy your "kain samping" or "kain pelikat" here. You could still bargain for a lower price before purchasing and the materials were just too attractive not to buy.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


28th March 2015 ~ To ex-schoolmates from SMS Muar who are married to each other were here in Johor Bahru for a short visit all the way from Sepang, so we planned to have a small rendezvous for dinner. The last time we met was before I flew to Ho Chi Minh City last year in December. I chose my favourite eating place which was just a stone's throw away from my house, at Kampung Melayu, to let them sample the famous Murtabak Kampung Melayu.

There were still too many things to talk about but time was just limited so I hope there would be another threesome session, in a good way, that is.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I attended a wedding of a sister to ex-students of SMKTUN which was held at Taman Universiti. I was quite early this time and the bride and bridegroom were not ready so I just took photos with the excited siblings.

Thanks for inviting me Miss Sharifah Sakina. Your warm thought is very much appreciated. Hope I will get more wedding invitations soon. :)

Friday, March 27, 2015


17th March 2015 ~ On the second day, the tour guide, Mr. Edy, came to see us at the hotel. There were 6 of us, Mr. Haiqal, 4 of his relatives and I. The first destination was a shop manufacturing pottery. There were thousands of pottery produced there. You could also have the hands-on session, making your own product using the clay.

This was a good place to get some souvenirs. If only I could carry all those big and beautiful vases home. I had to be happy with the few small pieces of originally-made pottery that could be tucked in safely in my suitcase.