Sunday, March 30, 2014


The earlier plan was to go for a short holiday with a good friend of mine. However, he had to cancel the trip for a certain reason despite the fact the flight tickets and accommodation had been bought in advance. Having no choice, here I was in Ao Nang, Krabi, as a solo traveller, which is not something new, from 24th-27th March 2014. And I was finally here in Thailand.

I arrived in the evening so on the first day the only activity done was just walking about: seeing what the small town of Ao Nang had to offer. By the way, Ao Nang is about 30-minute car ride away from Krabi. How would I describe Ao Nang and Krabi in general? It reminded me so much of Bali minus the culture and religion elements - a place where the tourists outnumber the locals in every nook and corner.

Basically all I did that evening at the beach was watching other people watching the sunset. Well, this is just the introduction to my short getaway during the school break. You have to come back to know more of the things that I had done when I was in Krabi.


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Ao Nang Smile Hotel
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