Monday, November 13, 2017


14th OCTOBER 2017 ~ My trip this time was like the pack-and-go kind of thing. I just read blogs of people who had been to Makassar and I had no specific itinerary, except just a few touristy places and food that I must try. Lucky enough I had booked the hotel earlier but I still had no guide or "supir" [driver]. To make matter worse, I could not see ant walk-in travel agent when I walking on the first day. One tourist guide I met at the museum the day before offered me a price which was definitely too expensive.

I also just found out on the morning of the second day there that Uber service was available in the city. I got an Uber to take me to Port Paotere and so happened he could drive me around anywhere which was three times cheaper than the first guide I met. Mr. Abdul Rahman officially became my driver cum guide during the remaining three days there.

We went to this place called Malino which should be a highland with lower temperature. The main attraction was Takapala Waterfalls.

There were good news and bad news. The good news: to get to the nearest point (without getting wet) one had to trek up and down stony paths. *sigh* The bad news: there was no bikini babe that could be found there as not many people were visiting the waterfalls at that time.

The waterfalls were smaller as it was hot season in Makassar when I was there. There should be more water cascading down the hill, according to the guide.

there were other tourists there too
Perhaps the best day to come is when you could take a dip in the water and enjoy the cool water down there. However, that is something that I will not do. I just hate the hassle of changing and the of carrying around wet attires with me.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


11th NOVEMBER 2017 ~ Today was the wedding reception of another ex-SMKTUN's student from SPM batch 2010, Sharina Mazlan. The event was held at her house in Taman Universiti.

the bride's elder brother

the classmates
There were a few of ex-students who were about to leave the place as I arrived. How these people have grown up to be beautiful young women.

Wishing Sharina and the spouse a lifetime of love and happiness ahead.

Friday, November 10, 2017


It was time for the teachers and staff to come and eat-all-they-can, organized by the KEBIRUS [staff club]. It was held at KSL Hotel Johor Bahru and the theme chosen was purple so [almost] everyone turned up looking purplish. Lucky I already have a purple shirt. I was here for the third time already, but I really liked the buffet hi-tea served here.

karaoke session
Everything was done informally and thank god there were no long speeches sessions. Then there was the lucky draw event and volunteers singing karaoke. The rest was just focused on eating.

the ladies (and the Principal)

the gentlemen

my ex-student of SMK Gelang Patah,
who is the manager of the cafe
At the same time, my former school SMK Mutiara Rini was also having their annual lunch/hi-tea at the same place and time. I really had more people to say "hi" and talk to this time [read: gossip].

I am waiting for more photos to arrive from my friends of SMKMR to be published in my blog.

Puan Zaidah Muhammad,

Thursday, November 9, 2017


14th OCTOBER 2017 ~ On the morning of the second day in Makassar, I decided to go to this one popular tourist spot in the city - Port Paotere. This was a harbour with many wooden, traditional ships called "Pinisi" could be found. There are other smaller islands surrounding the big Sulawesi island, hence people use boats as one of the means of transportation.

You could observe people really worked hard for the money here.

There were also bigger modern ships harboured here. They might be used to transport heavier, bigger and bulkier items.

There should be a fish market somewhere here but I did not see one. I read on the net that you could buy the fresh fish and took it to a nearby stall and get it cooked. Furthermore, I was on my way to another destination further away so I could not spend too much time here.

There was an entrance fee of 3000 Rupiahs at the gate. The cheapest entrance fee I have paid ever to a tourist spot.