Monday, September 30, 2013


Are you really hot?

Sunday, September 29, 2013


From the novel that you have read, write about an ending of the story that is important/interesting/you like and give reason to support your answer.

[NOTE: the content could also be used to answer question for an important/a significant event]

In the novel "The Railway Children", the ending when father was reunited with his family is the one that is the most important.

One day, Bobbie went to the station to fetch a heap of old magazines from Perks the porter. She stopped to rest on her way home and read a piece of newspaper that was used to wrap the magazines. Suddenly, she saw the news of how his father was actually put in jail for 5 years as he was suspected to be a spy.

Bobbie became extremely sad. Mother realized this when she went home and asked her about the matter after tea. Bobbie told her how she found out about father and then only mother told Bobbie how father was framed. Mother asked her not to tell Phyllis and Peter about the news.

Bobbie agreed so as not to make matter worse. The only thing Bobbie could do was to write a letter to the old gentleman. She was asking him for his help to find out who the real spy was.

One morning, something strange happened. When the children were waving to the passengers, everybody in the train waved back at them - hands, handkerchiefs and newspapers, and smiling faces looked up at the children on the fence. When Bobbie went to the station, everyone was having newspapers in their hand, and waving and smiling at Bobbie. When the 11:54 train arrived, three people came down: first, a woman with three boxes of chicken; second, a woman with a brown suitcase and third, her father. 

This event is important because it proves that father was not a spy after all. Mother and the children were reunited with father, and thus, would end their suffering.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Based on the novel that you have read, write about an unhappy/sad event/event that you don't like and give reasons to support your answer.

*NOTE: Please read and respond to the question. You need to change the introduction part e.g. instead of "the event that I find very sad" to "the event that I find very important", etc.

For PT3 examination, students should write shorter essay, i.e. providing only one reason/event to support their answer or else they won't be able to finish the exam paper.

From the novel, "The Railway Children", the one event that I find very sad is when father was arrested by two government people in the house in London. Father was accused of being a spy and mother did not tell the children about this. Bobbie found out about the news in the newspaper many months later.

One evening, the family received two unexpected guests at their home. Two gentlemen came to see father and they were having a long argument in one of the rooms. Then father went away with the two gentlemen and mother did not tell the children anything. The few weeks after, things went terribly wrong. Mother was always out and then the maids went away.

One day, mother told the children that they had to leave their house in London and move to the country and live in a little white house near a railway line. They children did not go to school because they did not have enough money. Mother wrote stories and sold them to the magazine, and then there would be cakes for tea. When it rained and the day got cold, there was no coal for them until Peter had to steal some coal from the Railway Station.

At one time, mother got very sick and needed some items listed by Dr. Forrest to be cured. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get them as they were poor. As a result, the children had to ask for help from the Old Gentleman in the train, even though mother did not agree.

The event when father was arrested is in fact the saddest part of the novel. This is because after that incident, the family had to be separated. Mother and the children were forced to move away. And to make matter worse, they had to live in a poor condition. Lucky enough, at the end of the story, father was released and reunited with his family again. 


(ending/important event) 

Friday, September 27, 2013


26th September ~ The annual "solat hajat" [a special prayer to request for something] was done today for the PMR and SPM candidates this evening. According to the original plan, it was to be done at school, at the open the assembly area. However, the weather was not kind enough - it rained quite heavily in the morning. So we switched to Plan B - to move it to the nearby mosque - Tan Sri Ainuddin Wahid Mosque.


after the prayer

eating outside the mosque building

there's a very big fan now in the mosque

The attendance of parents, teachers and students was good. We always get good response from parents when we carry out event like this. We hope with the prayers from everyone present this evening will assist the students in getting good results in their coming examinations.

selfie at the mosque

Thursday, September 26, 2013


This movie contains a lot of shooting, fighting, kicking, bomb exploding, chasing, running, shouting, cursing, speeding, etc. One word to describe: VIOLENCE in capital letters. At the same time, the plot is a bit confusing (for me). Two people, one a DEA (drug enforcement administration - I have to google for this) officer while the other one a navy man, who work together to rob a bank. How suddenly they become partner in crime is not clear and why the CIA or the Navy would want the money of a drug dealer king, I am not sure. And the confusion continues right until the end.

But if you are a Matt Damon or Denzel Washington die-hard fan, then you should watch this movie and get ready to be intoxicated. Still, you have been warned - not suitable kids or those who are not matured enough for this kind of genre.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


If you know how to pronounce this word right, then you might get it spelled right too.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


22nd September ~ Tn. Hj. Mohd. Sabri invited the male teachers from school to his house for a small "doa selamat" event [praying for one's well-being and safety] for her daughter, Miss Habibah, who will be leaving for the United Kingdom this weekend to further her study in the field of accountancy. There were also some neighbours at his house on that day.

the younger sisters

the proud parents

How time flies. A few years back, I taught Habibah English when she was in form one and two. In fact, I have known her much earlier before she entered SMK Taman Universiti. And she is now going to spread her wings to seek for new knowledge and experience. To Bibah (the nickname): Good luck in your future undertakings and do take care of yourself. Later we will see each other in London, or Paris. :)

Monday, September 23, 2013


21st September ~ I was invited to the launching ceremony of Alisyah Travel and Tours. The reason: The managing director is one of my family friends, and the office is actually quite near to my house, at Taman Putera, so there was no reason not to attend. Basically what I did there was to eat and chit chat with a few people that I knew.

pamphlets for promotion

Qur'an class

my childhood friend

the managing director

The company is organizing "Umrah" trip to Mecca and many other religious-related activities, like "waqaf Al-Qur'an", "Badal Haji" and "Qurban". So if you are interested to join the group for the next "Umrah" or other matters, please call the above number or e-mail the managing director for further information.