Friday, June 12, 2009


1st June: Travelling Time

The travel started on the 1st of June from JB to KL Sentral on train. Then, I took the ERL to KLIA for my MAS flight which departed at about 10:30 pm. Nothing much exciting especially when I had shorter time to sleep in between dinner at midnight and breakfast a few hours after that.
fish for me?

Dinner consisted of garoupa fish, Hwa Tai crackers, butter, a bun and sardine but NO RICE. So I made my own conclusion that the crackers had to be eaten with the sardine, like a sandwich. So as you can see my dinner was real fishy but luckily the orange juice was sour enough to wash the food down my throat. 

continental breakfast

And not long after that, breakfast was served. Continental but simple, muffins and yogurt, still too western for me. That Ferero Roche chocolate actually was the leftover after dinner. And I could not sleep a wink until the plane landed safely at Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney.