Friday, February 28, 2014


6th DECEMBER 2013 ~ It was a bit too early. The Art Gallery was still not opened yet and I came across this park which was situated behind the building on top of a hill. And after that, I discovered the University of Auckland right at the other side of the park. There were not many people around so I had the whole park to myself in a way. I came back one more time to eat my packed lunch here on the last day in Auckland and this was just a perfect place to get away from the crowd.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


5th December 2013 ~ Auckland was the last city visited and by that time, after almost 2 weeks in New Zealand, fatigue had started to set in. I still explored the city but at a slower pace. It must be old age. I was there for three days and had the time of my life, seeing new places and things. Auckland was indeed the busiest city in New Zealand. Unlike Wellington and Christchurch, Auckland was buzzing with activities and there were more people (and vehicles) on the streets all the time.

Be prepared for more stories from Auckland.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Mr. Abdul Aziz introduced me to one of Batu Pahat's specialties: Mee Racun [translate: poison noodles]. No, there was no poison in the dish and I might have to google for its history to find out the origin of its name.

I just ordered the regular one that did not come together with the "gear box" bone. We also had 10 sticks of sate.

MY VERDICT: The sate is THE food that you should go for. The meat was bigger and cheaper, only 50 sen a stick. The sate was very well marinated and the spices were well blended with its sweet and spicy taste. As for the noodles, I would say I prefer the "mee rebus Johor" better. Well, one man's noodles, is another man's poison.

I should be hosting that TV programme "Jalan-jalan Cari Makan" by now except I will have to always give a good review to all the food outlets I will visit which is not going to happen.