Sunday, March 21, 2010


This should be my fifth time to Pangkor. I just love the place because first, it is not as busy as Langkawi. There are people but they come here to enjoy the nature and themselves. Second, a short holidays is affordable for everybody - depending on what kind of lifestyle you are looking for.

This time, a trip was planned among 7 ex-fifth formers - everyone of them was from the school except for a few who went off to boarding schools after form 3. This was the best time to enjoy ourselves as a group before these people make their own ways to further their studies later. And based from past experience, it is really hard to get people together again for a trip like this once they are separated.


The traveling members: Hussein, Rezal, Ahmad Afiq, Adam, Izzul, Mohd. Afiq and Muttalib;
a short stop somewhere in Yong Peng

We met at Larkin Bus Terminal to board Sri Maju express bus before 9:00 p.m. It was a long journey and we were expected to arrive only early morning the next day. The bus was comfortable though and the boys were always excited to travel on their own - a journey into adulthood, I guessed.


As expected, we arrived at Lumut at 4:30 a.m. So we sat at a 24-hour mamak restaurant while waiting for the call for Subuh prayer. It was still early even after spending the time at the mosque because I promised to meet En. Makbul at Lumut Jetty, the accommodation agent, at a later time. So we just hang around at Lumut Waterfront and had breakfast afterwards.
at the heart of Lumut town

Lumut Waterfront

in the ferry to Pangkor, at last

arriving at Pangkor Jetty

walking to the chalet

We took one of the pink taxis and headed to Seagull Chalet in Teluk Nipah. After checking in, without wasting any more time, we made our way to the beach. So the first activity of the day, snorkeling at Giam Island which was just opposite the Teluk Nipah Beach. There were already many people submerged in the sea water trying to look for fish and sea creatures but I would rather stay on dry land, just too many slippery stones, sharp corals and shells. But as for the boys, the excitement overcome the fear.

enjoying the boat ride

too many people, too little fish
Later in the evening, after a short nap, we walked to another stretch of beach for our "swimming" session. For one thing, I will not worry to be in the water of Pangkor - you can be ensured of your safety, with precautions taken into consideration of course. Time just froze when we were in the water and the time was indicated by only the sun and the sky.
we were afloat - no camera trick

with the sun setting in the background

We called it a day when the sky turned red. We just roamed along the small street of Teluk Nipah beach at night, hunting for dinner and observing the night life. The place was filled with people sauntering and looking for souvenirs and food from the numerous shops and stalls on the left and right side of the road, making it lively like a night market.

trying fried kuey tiaw Pangkor style

More fun time coming in the second part of the Pangkor trip. Just pray that I have the time and energy to update as school will start tomorrow and I have long, long days awaiting until Saturday.


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