Sunday, January 29, 2012


This was the fishing village near Al Khor. It did not look like a village though. Al Khor is known to be one of the places well-known for its fishing activities (according to my reading from the Net). The people working there, like the fishermen and the fishmongers sounded and looked Indians to me so I guess the Arabs are now only the top management people. There were no locals that could be seen nearby.

These things are called "gir gur", or is it "gur gir" - I am not sure of it anymore. They work as fish traps once submerged in the sea, I guess that is how the things work by their physical feature,

There is also a fish market which supplies fresh catch from the sea. Other than fish, I could see crabs and big-sized prawns on sale that day.

A resting place with the palms of date tress put as the roofs could be very economical. I have never thought that it could be reused in that kind of manner. If only the same method could be done here in our country, then we will be able to save a lot.