Wednesday, June 8, 2011


This time I had a friend cum ex-student, Mr. Shamsul Nahar, who was here in Kota Bharu so the exploration was more fun as there was someone who could snap pictures for you. From the hotel, as early as 9:30, we walked to the city centre which took about 30 minutes and started to look for places of interest that had been mentioned in the websites. I did my homework first before going places.

snake show somewhere near the market place

The first stop was Muzium Batu (translate: Brick Museum). The building housed some of the properties that belonged to the Kelantanese royalty.

The second museum which was situated nearby was Istana Jahar (Jahar Palace). This museum focused more on the ceremonies or rituals that were carried out in the palace like "melenggang perut" (welcoming the baby of a pregnant woman) and circumcision.

And the last museum of the day was the War Museum. This building was originally the first bank operating in Kelantan and hence the name, Bank Kerapu.

Kelantan was significant as it was here that the Japanese army first landed on its beach in their mission to intrude Tanah Melayu (or Malaya) on 8th December 1941, which marked the involvement of Malaya in the Second World War. As the name suggests, the museum told the stories of war, until Malaya achieved independence.

After the second day, I had already felt like a learned man. But there were more museums to visit the next day.

in front of another important site in the city, but not for public entry though.

to be continued...

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