Wednesday, December 21, 2011


After arriving in Tianjin, we still had a few hours to explore two famous tourist attractions in the city.

The first place was the Ancient Street Market where the locals put the local products on sale old school style. The buildings were preserved in their original and traditional architecture but other parts of the city were actually seen rapidly developing.

some of the items for sale

The next and last stop was the snacks market where variety of local Chinese food and snacks could be found like preserved and dried fruits, as well as many other things. Then we had our lunch at a restaurant nearby before we were sent to the airport and said 'goodbye" to Miss Yang who had been our guide for the long six days.

exotic local fresh food, anyone?

Here is a short video of Tianjin recorded from the moving coaster.

at Tianjin Airport

and now everybody can fly home

So I guess this is the end of my six days escapade to the mainland China, particularly Beijing. I hope that you have not grown tired reading the travelogue and looking at the pictures. I hope I have also shared my wonderful experience and you never know, maybe one day you will be there too.

I would like to thank Syazwan and his parents [I was not sure who initiated the idea] for inviting me to join in the tour group. This was actually something unexpected and you had given me the chance to set foot to a place that I once wished I could visit. And I don't think I could go there on my own, mostly because of language and cultural differences. [And yes, I am having difficulty finding a travel companion.] Hopefully, one day, they would ask me to go again with them to other place.

With a few more days remaining before the school reopens, I have now to focus on my work more seriously. I am already thinking of a reward for my hard work [which I have started doing] so to all my fans [as if I have one] please be prepared for more, soon. I am full of surprises, you know.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page"
~ St. Augustine ~

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