Tuesday, June 5, 2012


On the second day of my stay in Toronto, the sun finally decided to come out in the late afternoon. I only wish for sunshine and hot weather, only when I am on my trip. Even though it is now summer time in Toronto but the weather is still a bit cold for me with the temperature ranging from 12-16 degrees Celsius, with cloudy sky and intermittent rain. Enjoy a few of the selected pictures of Toronto beneath the bright blue sky.

enjoying the sunshine, Canadian style

a reflection of another building
they call it "streetcar" here 
the marina on Lake Ontario
and I still got the blues for you
Toronto skyline
a boat cruising on the lake
the skyscrapers
apartments by the lake side
subject: a happy duck
subject: a happy bird
a docking boat
another bird
one of the parks visited

green comes after the blue