Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, it is just across the Causeway. But the last time I went there was about ten years ago. On Sunday 19th July, I made my way to Singapore with two ex-students: Farhan, who acted as the tour guide and Solleh, the other tourist. So we walked the hundred miles across the island from morning until late at night.

Bugis Junction

Bugis Street
The places in Singapore are linked to each other by the MRT rails so moving around was never a problem. We first went to Bugis Street, a place similar to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Here you could find varieties of items on sale, and this would be a good place to get (cheap) souvenirs from Singapore. Opposite it is another shopping complex called Bugis Junction which has unique architecture. It looks like blocks of old shop houses conserved and converted into modern shopping complex. It is a spitting image of KL Central Market except Bugis Junction is much bigger and more vibrant with activities.

Orchard Road
We moved next to Orchard Road, the place where people really go to shop in this island. People were everywhere, the stream of people walking seemed endless. At one spot of the road, we felt as if we were in Manila because we were surrounded by the Filipinos. Mind you, we were just here to observe but not to shop. The currency was still quite high for us to spend our money, we had to multiply every single Sing Dollar with about 2.5, so every single cent counts!

Harbour Front

in conjunctions with H1N1 flu
The next stop was Vivo shopping centre and as we walked out one of the doors, there was Harbour Front overlooking the Sentosa Island. Many people, mostly families, were just there to enjoy the scenery or to play in the ankle-deep pool, and some were even seen having picnic at the park.

Sentosa Island

Even though it was almost 6:00 pm, we still decided to go to Sentosa Island by taking the monorail. On this small island, there were interesting places to visit and interesting things to do but time did not permit. We only managed to see a few things, and it was too dark to take pictures. But for sure, we will be coming back again, Farhan and I were already planning of taking the others to spend the day there, sooner or later. So, any takers? The one day trip was really enjoyable, and thanks to Farhan for guiding me and Solleh through the roads not taken before. Until the next trip...