Saturday, May 16, 2009


Happy 16th teacher's day to me and to other teachers out there. Thank you to the short messaging service, messages started coming in as early as yesterday. As I have nothing much to do, I am now making a statistical analysis of the teacher's day messages I received this year, so as to make my blog sound more scientific.

  • messages sent by ex-students: 22
  • messages sent by students: 11
  • messages sent by teachers: 12
  • messages sent by others: 2
The conclusion that can be drawn here is: (1) You are appreciated more by your ex-es. That is life. Don't people say they appreciate things more when they are gone? (2) Teachers need to send greetings to each other more because who else will appreciate you other than the people who understand you. (3) Other people just don't give a damn. By the way, I don't send teacher's day messages, I just replied to all the messages received from people I know. Messages from unidentified sources are not analyzed so as to make the result of this study more valid. In other words, I am famous.
While other teachers were enjoying themselves at home or somewhere else, my friends and I were stuck in UTM enjoying ourselves in a training session held by the school. Happy teacher's day again, especially to my friends of the dying breed.