Monday, November 14, 2011


Truth is stranger than fiction! And that was what happened in school today. For the first time we were distributing RM100 to each and everyone in school (with Malaysian nationality). The money came from the government for a reason many people are predicting about, but I myself am making a prediction here.

Due to the very short notice, and the large number of students population who are no longer in school as the SPM examination is in progress now, it is not easy to spread the words around. Form teachers were asked to contact the students using the school's or their own telephones. The best I could do was to publish the announcement in my blog and to link it to my Facebook account.

And according to Tuan Haji Mohd. Sabri, one of the teachers in-charge, the attendance of parents and their children who are in form 1 is 84%. It was not surprising though, they came to take and not to give. Nevertheless, I hope my blog and Facebook have contributed to the success of the session today and let's see what will happen for the next four days.