Friday, April 15, 2011


When was the last time I attended a course in a hotel? It must have been a long time ago that I could remember when it was. So the principals, senior assistants (academic affair) and senior assistants of the afternoon session of Johor Bahru district were invited (or forced) to a one-day course at Selesa Hotel.

fated to sit beside each other

the first speaker and the one who officiated the opening ceremony

Even though I dozed off a bit at the initial part of the session, I managed to stay awake and I even copied down notes. And when I got bored, I took unnecessary pictures.

image captured from the mirror attached to the ceiling and can you find me in the picture?

The best part was there was some sort of a farewell lunch for a retiree and a principal who will be going to the State Education Department. Good food and comfortable place (although the hall was a bit warm), it was a course worth attending. However, I had to go away before the 2 o'clock session started to see the Kadet Bomba boys at the stadium, I did not complain but I was happier.