Monday, April 11, 2011



It was actually not that pleasant to be stuck in the hall the whole day. There was no place for us to sit. I brought along some students' work to be marked but the hall was just too crowded, stuffy and hot for everybody. It was impossible to either do work or even read. So I had to pretend to be busy, at least by taking a lot of photographs.

girls under 12 group

girls under 15 group

boys under 12 group

girls under 18 group

Johor Bahru Chess Team

with two other teachers from JB team, Mr. Hisham and Mr. Iskandar

with Mr. Nordin, our technical officer of the team

roti canai session at Tangkak town

On the second day, there was only one round in the morning so we went to Tangkak town for late breakfast. The next round continued in the afternoon at 2:00 right until 6:30 p.m.

handing over chicken rice ceremony

practice session in between matches

aliens from planet orange attacking KFC

We called it a day by having lunch at a KFC restaurant, to everyone's delight. I knew once everyone was back in our hotel rooms, he or she would be so relieved to get the rest they longed for.

While I was walking around town looking for fruits, I bumped into an ex-colleague, Puan Hasibah, and her husband. Oh what a small world!

I went to bed real early for both nights as it was really tiring staying at the hall not doing anything, except for waiting for each game to end. Luckily the whole thing lasted only for two days.