Monday, April 27, 2015


25th APRIL 2015 ~ Finally, it was the last day of the state level tournament. There were two more rounds remaining and I saw a lot tears and smile, but the most important thing was the will to fight right until the end.

Then there was the closing ceremony and the Political Secretary to the Minister of Health was invited to officiate it before the prize-giving session.

the JB teachers who took part in the Blitz competition, and won

Eight players from the Johor Bahru team successfully secured the top 10 spots in their own categories and Johor Bahru district won the third place (again) this year.

under 12 players

the JB team

the teachers of the JB team

an ex-player who could not compete anymore

another ex-player who is now a teacher,
was with the JB team back in 2003

players from SMK Mutiara Rini

players from SMK Taman Universiti

All good things must come to an end.I have to wait for another year to take care of the district's team members and to meet old friends.
Until then....