Monday, April 6, 2015


4th April 2015 ~ I was here at Taman Mutiara Rini attending the wedding reception of Mr. Amar Faiz bin Zainal Abidin, an ex-student of SMK Taman Universiti from SPM batch 2002.

There I met an ex-student whom I just met on Facebook recently, Miss Chong Lee Ching, from SPM batch 2000 if I am not mistaken. We were both truly excited and I was glad to see she was still her bubbly self.

There was also Miss Nor Aliaa, the sister of the bridegroom, also an ex-student of mine. She looked real busy playing host on that day so we could not sit down and talk for too long.

And right after, I had to rush to another venue in Kempas to attend a similar function. It was the wedding reception of Miss Endong, a teacher friend whom I used to work with when I was still the Afternoon Supervisor (a.k.a Senior Assistant of the Afternoon Session). There were a few familiar faces there and they were none other than other teacher friends.

There was actually one last wedding after that but I would not post about it here. For one thing, I surely had put on a lot of weight. *sigh*