Monday, May 4, 2015


This should be one dish you must try when you come to Lombok. Taliwang Chicken has its own history, as told by my guide, but I might forget the details. Initially, there was a small community in Taliwang Village who started the business of selling chicken to people in Lombok. Then, the people from Taliwang ventured out a bit and started the small food business, selling Taliwang Chicken and after some time, the dish became popular and was sought after by the locals and visitors alike.


For one thing, the dishes in Lombok are very hot which I like that very much - the hotter, the better. Other than that, there will always be "sambal"(mashed chilies), "tempe"(fermented soy bean) and tofu cake. The other prominent vegetable dish is "kangkung plecing" (water spinach). Read about it HERE

I am missing the food in Lombok already.