Tuesday, May 5, 2015


I used to watch Korean movies on DVD [READ HERE] and got truly excited to find out there was a Korean movie being screened at a cinema near my place. I am glad I put the effort to brave the rainy weather to watch this film.

The story is about Deok-soo (with his mother and two other siblings) who was separated from his father and his younger sister while trying to run away to Busan from North Korea during the Korean War. His father's last words were: if he did not see the family again, Deok-soo would have to be the head of the family. And Deok-soo held to his promise, and he had to go through such a hard life in making sure he could provide for his family. He went to work in a mine in Germany to pay for his brother's university fees and he went to work as a technician in Vietnam during the Vietnam War so as to make sure his sister could have a grand wedding. One of the scenes was when he was trying to find his long lost father and sister and he was finally reunited with his sister who was adopted and staying in the US. I am sure many people cried watching this part.

You should all go and watch this movie so you could appreciate life and love more. This movie is way much better than "Avengers: Age of Ultron".