Saturday, August 8, 2015

THE 22nd DAY OF EID 1436H

7th August 2015 ~ More visiting activities resumed on the weekend holiday. I was invited to attend an open house at Mr. Syazwan's house in Taman Pulai Perdana which I happily obliged. I met with more people I was familiar with there. Good food, good company - so there was nothing to complain.

Later in the evening, a close friend, Mr. Masrizal Sayute, and his family members came visiting. One of the regular visitors who has become a family friend, I could watch the children growing up in front of my eyes.

Before the door was closed for the 22nd day of Eid celebration, a group of ex-students from SPM batch 2010 dropped by. I am glad actually that many of my ex-students do not change a lot after they have left school that I could easily recognized them from their looks even though I might not remember their names.

And a few more days to go...