Sunday, September 20, 2015


19th September 2015 ~ Today was the wedding reception of another ex-student of SMKTUN from SPM batch 2005, Puan Saifaralina Abdul Jalil. The ceremony was held in Taman Universiti. It is really great to see these people grow up, developing from young school children to become young adults. I was there a bit too late. I forgot to bring the invitation card and could not remember the house address. Luckily, I saw the tents from a distance and tried my luck. Too bad I could not meet her other classmates.

The second invitation was from an ex-SMKTUN teacher, Puan Normawati Adnan, who is currently teaching in SMK Kangkar Pulai. It was the reception for his son's wedding and the event was held at Kolej Perdana, UTM. I met two other friends, Puan Hashazah Mohd. Hashim and Puan Izzati Syafinaz Abdullah, there. I am always excited to get to see old friends.

And that was how I spent the second day of the mid-term school break.
FYI, I am not going anywhere this time as the E-d-Adha celebration falls on this coming Thursday, so stop asking. :)