Sunday, September 13, 2015


12th September 2015 ~ Mr. Christopher Emmanuel Raj, an ex-student of SMKTUN SPM batch 2005, tied the knot today and I was really glad to be invited to the grand event. The reception was done at the hall in English College. As usual, I met a few ex-students there.

The wedding reception was so much similar to a Malay wedding reception. The hosts had also prepared special meals for Muslim guests and I believe that there are a lot of Malays and Chinese in Mr. Christopher's circle of friends.

with the students who will be sitting for SPM exam this year

an ex-student and a school staff husband and wife

with Christina, the bridegroom's sister

the bridegroom's male ex-classmates (and the wife of one of them) 

Congratulations Mr. Christopher and wife. I am truly touched by your determination and kind thoughts to invite me to the invitation. The invitation card was personally delivered to the office and followed up by Whatsapp messages to remind me to come.

And I am looking forward to receiving one more similar invitation from the same family in the future.