Thursday, September 10, 2015


9th September 2015 ~ Mr. Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shahlan and the wife, Puan Noor Al-Iman Madzlan, both my ex-students of SMKTUN from SPM batch 2001, are back from Saudi Arabia for one month holiday. Mr. Ahmad Firdaus had taken the initiative to gather a few other friends for a meeting in "Cafe Lokap" [English: lock-up] which is located in Jalan Dhoby in the town centre. The cafe is run by one of his friends cum my ex-student of the same bacth, Mr. Shah Erhan. So there were two more schoolmates who were Mr. Taufeeq Nordin and Mr. Megat Khairun Buang.

This should be an interesting place to meet up, eat and hang out in the heart of Johor Bahru city. You would feel as if you are having a great time in the lock up while having your meal there, God forbid.

before the food arrived

after the food arrived

We all went western that evening - pizza, burgers, fries, bread with minced meat and fish and chips. There are other varieties of food to choose from the menu.

We had to say goodbye at about 10:30 as the next day would be a working day. It was my pleasure to see familiar faces once in a while, in real life and not just on Facebook.

Thanks to Mr. Ahmad Firdaus (and the wife) for including me in the small gathering and for paying the dinner. I felt like 10 years younger.

Good luck to Mr. Shah Erhan and may "Cafe Lokap" be buzzing with more customers for many more evenings to come.