Wednesday, September 23, 2015


8th June 2015 ~ Lunch was included in the bus tour package at a place called "Spirited Garden". I was actually mentally prepared to eat just a bit as there would not be halal food, or I would have doubt eating. And as expected, there was not much left for me to choose except for vegetables and kimchi. 

my vegetarian lunch

with miss Maggie from HK

Right after lunch, we went exploring in the garden despite the drizzle. For one thing, visitors were not allowed to take photos of the bonsai plants/trees but you had to be in the photos, beside the plants/trees. That should explain why I was there in almost all the photos.

orange tree in the background

We were lucky because we managed to get the master himself to be photographed with us. Master Sung Bun-Young was the one responsible to develop the garden. Just imagine the hard work and determination that he had put into to have a garden full of bonsai trees.

I am thinking of growing my own bonsai tree when I retire (which will be like more than 10 years). *sigh*