Saturday, September 12, 2015


11th September 2015 ~ Giving talks and conducting workshops were the things I seldom do these days. For one thing, I am now teaching in the morning session so I cannot leave school before afternoon. The talk/workshop is difficult to carry out in the afternoon as there are meetings all the time. And not many schools have the workshop in the afternoon as students might not come. I only accept invitation from schools but I am getting more selective. I need longer hours to conduct the workshop and I do not want too many participants for the slot. I just want to ensure the effectiveness of the session. I actually am not that keen to conduct such programmes anymore, maybe I am getting old already. *sigh*

I was invited to conduct a workshop for SM Islam Hidayah and I am here for almost every year. The session lasted for three hours and the students were attentive and responsive. I just hoped that they had gained some knowledge that would help them in their upcoming PT3 examination.

Good luck to all the form three students of SM Islam Hidayah, especially for their English paper.