Monday, May 2, 2016


Our second performance outside school for the year 2016

Date: Sunday, 1st May 2016
Venue: Sultan Iskandar Hall, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Time: 8:30 p.m.
Event: Merbauan Glory Award
(organized by Tun Hussein Onn Residential College)

We were at first having doubt whether or not to accept the invitation. I guess we made the right decision as the event was held at Sultan Iskandar Hall, the venue where grand university events take place. This should definitely a good experience for the Angklung Group members, to get the opportunity to perform on a stage of a huge hall.

We presented five songs, namely "Dayung Sampan", "Still Loving You", "Terukir di Bintang", "Wonderful World" and "Anak Kampung".

This was actually the second time for the school's Angklung Group to be here. The first one took place three years ago. Read about it HERE.

We just hoped the audience could hear us loud and clear as we were not quite happy with the sound system.

There will be a short break for the group after this as the exam is coming real soon, followed by the fasting month and the Eid celebration. We are planning to recruit and train new angklung players, most probably from the form one batch, after the school break.