Thursday, May 5, 2016


The "happy meal" get together continued today. (OMG!)

McCafe is now having a promotion in conjunctions with the upcoming Mother's Day. Two cups of regular latte cost only RM6 so that could be a strong reason to make a comeback after visiting a McD restaurant yesterday.

Other than that, considering the limited number of friends I have nowadays who could keep me company over coffee, I would never say "NO" to the opportunity to have the chance to chat (read: gossip).

Ramadhan is coming soon and I am quite sure I will lose some weight during the fasting month. :P 

Too bad there is a nearby McD outlet (with a McCafe station) near school in Mutiara Rini which has made the temptation to get the cake and the coffee too strong to resist.

Thanks Mr. Syahril. We can still have a few more meetings before the school break starts.