Tuesday, November 19, 2013


"The best mirror is an old friend."
~ George Herbert ~

Today, after 32 years, I was reunited with an old friend from Sekolah Temenggong Abdul Rahman (2) [STAR2], Johor Bahru. I have lost contact with most of my primary school friends but managed to get connected with a few via Facebook. We sure have missed our simpler and happier childhood years together. I forgot to say sorry for putting a bee on his neck a long time ago - I couldn't remember doing it and I couldn't even believe I was capable of doing such a thing until he told me today. The meeting was definitely too short. We need a longer chat session to reminisce the good old time, so I hope I will be meeting Mr. Ali Hasan Amanullah again when he comes back to Johor Bahru, and perhaps I will try to get more people to join.

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