Saturday, November 16, 2013


15TH NOVEMBER ~ It all started when Puan Noraliza Mazni intended to give a "mee rebus" [noodles with gravy] treat to the members of the staff room on the last day of school. Once the ball had started rolling, food began to accumulate for the very last pot luck of the year. This time, I decided to use a classroom that was not occupied so we could have more space and comfort in the company of friends.

As only three classes were asked to come to school today, more teachers could enjoy the food at the same time. There were variety of food: "mee rebus", "roti jala", "mee hoon tomyam", pizza, cakes and a lot more delicacies. The theme of the day was eat all you could until you could not eat anymore. *sigh*

Anyway, today was not the last day for us teachers. We will have to go to school again next week so the school holiday has not started yet. Hopefully we could finish up all the work that needs to be completed before we see each other again by the end of December.