Wednesday, November 6, 2013


exam in progress

SPM examination[which equals to GCE "O" Level]for form 5 students started today. The papers were Malay Language and Visual Arts. Wishing all the fifth formers all the best of luck in their endeavour for good grades.

the break in between papers

We are having many candidates for this exam - there are more than 500 students. Consequently, only three classes from the afternoon session are asked to come to school as the classrooms are being used. They are requested to come as they need to return the text books they have borrowed for this year and get the new stock for next year. Since their final year exam was already over, of course they are happier to get earlier school holidays.

We are actually moving towards the end of the school year already and I still have tonnes of work to be done and completed. Just pray that I could last until the very last day of the school year.