Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Another treasure that was safely tucked away in the cabinet was my collection of Korean and Japanese DVDs. They are all ORIGINAL so please take note. Once, I was so into the Korean movies (not the serial dramas) that I would go hunting for them every time during outing. I just went for anything Korean except the horror and romantic movies. There were values that you could learn from the stories and most of them would make you cry a river. In one movie, for example, which told about the relationship between a grandmother and a grandson, the grandmother was a mute so she did not say anything throughout and yet, the emotion and message that came across was so powerful that it is one movie that I will never forget. I also had the pleasure of sharing the DVDs with a few colleagues and they all loved them as much as I did.

The whole things surfaced again when I found out someone was also into Korean and Japanese movies so I decided to lend him some. I think I need ro find the time to watch these stories again. For one thing, it is quite difficult to get Korean movies which are NOT with the themes of romance (which comes with together with the genre of comedy most of the time) and horror/ghost.

I should start a rent-a-Korean/Japanese-DVD service soon knowing how these people are getting crazy with K-pop. Anyone interested?