Saturday, October 31, 2015


10th JUNE 2015 ~ On the last day in Jeju Island, before going to the airport in the morning, Miss Sakinah took us to this place called Yongduam Rock ~ the Dragon Head Rock. There was not much to see actually but the place was already crowded with tourists at that time.

Then we went to get our Korean breakfast from a small restaurant nearby (all the restaurants here were small). Miss Sakinah ordered bibimbap which means "mixed rice". We literally had to mix the rice with all the other content such as vegetables and fried eggs before eating. And as usual, there were different kinds of kimchi which could be eaten with the rice. Like Malaysians, the Koreans seemed to eat a lot of rice, but I could not find any obese people during my stay there.

And finally, we tried the curved ice-cream which could be found in many parts of the island. One scoop tasted sweet with vanilla flavour while the other one came with lemon flavour and was VERY sour.

Basically that wrapped up my 4D3N stay in beautiful Jeju Island and I must say that I was really glad to be there. Jeju Island is a place for people who love nature. Thanks to my ex-student cum tour guide, Miss Sakinah Omar, for helping to experience the life in one part of South Korea.