Friday, October 9, 2015


9th JUNE 2015 ~ We were here at another touristy spot in Jeju Island called Seopjikoji. There were many people climbing up the hill under the bright, blue sky after experiencing 2 days of gloomy weather.

Before reaching the lighthouse there was a building that looked like a chapel and filming was done here for one of the popular Korean dramas. However, the painting and design of the wall had made it look more like a gingerbread house than a chapel.

There was only a small standing space at the lighthouse so visitors had to take turn at that spot. We could observe the picturesque view of the sea and island from there.

A lighthouse will always remind me of the Enid Blyton's novels I used to read when I was in school, The characters in the books seemed to have a great time, going to the lighthouse and tunnels, to solve mysteries and crime. 

Before you go to this place, make sure you wear your sports shoes as the walkway to the lighthouse is quite long and steep at time. However, it is worth all the effort.