Saturday, October 10, 2015


At this tender age of ____ (fill in the blank), birthdays will be something I am NOT looking forward to. I always pray hard people will not ask me to cut cake while singing the birthday song. To be a year older is not something you should be happy about. Seriously, I would want the day to pass very quickly so that I do not have to be further embarrassed. *blush* I am a shy person, you know.

Anyway it is customary for friends and acquaintances to wish one well on his/her birthday. With the existence of social media, like Facebook and Whatsapp, saying "Happy Birthday" is something that can be done at the click of the keyboard. On the other hand, the tradition of sending birthday cards is something that people no longer do.

Like it or not, birthdays are the time when people near and far, wish you a happier and better life. In a way, those words are prayers for you and to have hundreds of people wishing you for better things in life is actually having a lot of people offering their prayers just for you on your birthday. In fact, according to the Arab tradition, it is compulsory for you to be reciprocal. For example, when a friend wishes you "May good bless you", then it would be your responsibility to reply, "May god bless you too."

With that, I would hereby like to thank everybody, friends, students, ex-students, parents and the committee members of the Parents and Teachers Association :) for all the birthday wishes sent via Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS etc. I know that you have all taken a great effort to do just that and to know that I am still remembered, is a feeling that will make me realize that life is not that bad after all. I will need some time to read all the messages and respond to them as I used to do but today I am exhausted and a bit under the weather (after the angklung performance in UTM).

To my friends from SMK Taman Universiti, thanks a lot for the birthday cake and the present. You should have not done that after all. You should all know how leaving you, broke my heart into pieces. *wipe my tears away but this is an exaggeration*

Thanks once again, from the bottom of my heart, and I love you all.
(I really want to write "I love you very strong".)