Monday, November 23, 2015


It was time to see James Bond in action again. The alpha male is invincible and immortal is back - the good person who could always overcome any evil deeds. What I miss most from a Bond movie would definitely be the multi-functions gadgets a Bond should have. This time round, he only has his fast car and a watch that could be used as a time bomb.

Is this movie suitable for young viewers? I should say, it is OK. I have seen more violent movies and furthermore, the lovemaking scenes are already censored. :)

The original soundtrack performed by Sam Smith for the movie is I must say, very theatrical - more theatrical from the previous one sung by Adele. Wonder will there be another Bond movie soon, or will there be another Bond hero replacing Daniel Craig? But for one thing, every time I enter the public toilet and see the writings on the wall, I will always remember this song.