Tuesday, November 24, 2015


*If I am not mistaken, one word question is no longer in existence for the present SPM exam paper. Nevertheless, this piece of essay is something worth reading.

** I could not even remember when was the last time I posted a sample essay in my blog.

*** Sample essays are meant to provide students with an example of how a good essay should be written. Please never ever memorize any essay for your upcoming exam. And plagiarism is a sin.


        Peace: a simple word that is easy to pronounce, yet difficult to define because of its extreme complexity. It is undeniable that the word "Peace" has spawned many books, magazines and articles by a range of different authors. However, when I was a young girl, I used to believe that the word "Peace" referred to to white, flying birds! Be honest! Almost every poster with the word "Peace" has pictures of birds and happy, smiling children. As I grew older, I soon realized that the birds were actually doves. But what does the word mean to me now?

          I believe that peace is right here, in Malaysia. People of different races and religions celebrate a variety of cultures and festivals. We are in sync with each other, we do not fight, and we live in harmony every day. I find that amazing and I am thankful for the tranquility we have in Malaysia. Look at the less fortunate countries such as Iraq and Palestine. The children and women spend their days dodging bombs and bullets while the men fight wars. They ride on with faith, praying that it is not their last, and believe that there will be peace in their country one day. To them, peace is as simple as having a meal on the table a happy family gathered together. Some people say some men are wise and some are otherwise. Well, I think these not-so-wise men should stop wars for the sake of mankind.

          My maternal grandmother used to frighten me when I was a child. She was old, wrinkled woman with sparse, grey hair. Her fingers were long and bony and I used to flinch when she reached out for me. But it wasn't her physical appearance that scared me; it was her frequent emotional outbursts. She would fling the things around her and cry for no reason. Later on, the doctor diagnosed her with paranoid. schizophernia. She was probably mentally scarred during the Japanese occupation.

          My grandmother passed away seven years ago after her final catharsis. I was still afraid of her at that time. But looking back now, I think my grandmother finally found peace. I like to believe that she is in a peaceful place now with my grandfather and they are both laughing at me for being very, very stupid when I was young. Right now, I think that peace is a paradox. While the people in Iraq are fighting for peace in life, my grandmother found hers in death. It is ironic but it does not amuse me.

          As a teenager, I find peace at home. If a man's house is a castle, then the invaders are surely the forces of stress and expectations. After a long day at school, I rush home to read my comics. Reading comics does not only give ,e a peace of mind, it also allows my imagination to run free. But if I am too tired to read or study, I flee. I run to my room and tuck myself into bed. I escape to dreamland and run away from all my troubles. A good night's sleep calms down my mind and puts me at ease.

         To put it in a nutshell, I believe that peace is more than a word. It is a complex emotion that we feel even for the strangest of reasons. They say that "Happiness in life is a journey, not a destination." I believe that it is the same for peace. Every day I learn a little bit more about peace and the definitions of peace grow continuously in my heart. I think that peace is an exciting discovery I experience in my daily life. What about you? What does peace mean to you?