Sunday, March 26, 2017


17th MARCH 2017 ~ What is the proof you can show to other people you have been to Osaka? Get yourself photographed in front of the iconic billboard of Glico Man on Dotonburi Street. It is not evident why the Glico Man is very popular among tourists but the billboard has been displayed for over than 70 years there.

Dotonbori Street is a popular night spot among tourists and when I was there, we were surrounded by a sea of tourists and locals, and every space was occupied. Where did all these people come from?

The streets were brightly lighted up and it was no wonder people came here just to see the colourful neon lights and there were even cruise boats ferrying visitors on the river. There were also small stalls lining the roads selling all sorts of Japanese delicacies and the popular one should be takoyaki - a ball-shaped pancake filled with octopus meat in its core. 

We did not stay long there. The air outside was getting colder and we needed to find some hot drinks, and later we had to find the guest house that had been booked earlier.